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Refugee strike in Berlin

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Investigation report of racist attack at Görlitzer Park, Berlin, on 18th March

Fri, 03/30/2018 - 15:12

From my own investigation and research so far, this is what I have discovered about the racist attack against black men at Wrangelstr., 10997 Berlin, FRIEDRICHSHAIN-KREUZBERG, on Monday 19th of March 2018, at about 8pm in the evening.

According to the first eye witness, by the name Lexos, a young Gambian man, narrated that the attacked came from the fight between one Senegalese guy and a Turkish guy, at Wrangelstr on Sunday, 18th of March 2018 in the evening.

According to the second eye witness called Pa Ebou Drammeh, also a Gambian born residing in Germany for almost 20 years, said that the young Senegalese man was standing in front of a building beside the street at Wrangelstr. The young Turkish guy was passing by, suddenly he intimidated the young Senegalese guy by asking him to leave that particular place without any reason.

And the Senegalese guy responded by saying: “Noooo, I am not going to leave, is this your father’s yard?“

Then the Turkies guy answered: “Okay, wait, let me come for you.“ And he came with the motivation of fighting this young Senegalese guy, while the Senegalese guy also picked up a stone and they scramble over each other angrily. The Senegalese guy hitted him with the stone. The police came and dispatched them immediately.

And the Senegalese guy escaped.


Lexos, the eye witness of the attacked on Monday, said: „I went to the kiosk, the Turkish shop where we use to buy our drinks and stuff, and I found the son of the shopkeeper called Musa, also a Turk who asked me: ‘Where are your black friends?’ I answered that they are standing outside. Then he said to me: ‘My mother said there was a fight yesterday,’ and I responded: ‘No, there was no fight.’ Repeatedly Musa said to me: ‘No, there was a fight.’“

According to Lexos, Musa went to call a group of 20 young Turkish men, all covered with masks, equipped with arms, knives, machetes, sticks and stones. Without describing anyone of them. A car drove towards the boys standing at Wrangelstr. The group randomly and unexpectedly jumped on them and started to hit them, running after them, beating them, and humiliating them without no one interfering from the neighbors.

According to Lexos and the second witness, Pa Ebou Drammeh, all the black boys escaped and ran away, because they were defeated by the gangs who came to the scene deliberately, and racially attacked them, and left so many severe injuries with blood.

“In fact, they hitted a 17-year old Gambian on head, and left him in a blood bath,“ said Lexos, the first witness.

Lexos continued: The police arrived at the scene 20 minutes after the attack. They met me, and I asked them to follow the gangs, but they just left right now. I directed them to their ghetto, they went there and came with three guys at the scene. They started talking with them, without involving any black person, just few minutes we saw them released by the police.“

According to Pa Ebou Drammeh: “The police didn’t even bother to ask anyone of us, neither to know something from both sides, but they only approached the Turks, asked them and left them to go without taking any statement or looking after us.“

Drammeh described: “They dont care about us, simply because we are blacks, being illegal without any proper document and no use to them from us. And I told the police, that what they did was not fair, why did they not want to listen and take a statement from us about the attack? But none of them responded to me. After a few minutes they drove away, without nothing coming out from it.“

Pa Ebou Drammeh, the long term Gambian resident in Berlin, emphasized a lot the racist and discriminative attacks carried always by the Turks against black people, Arabs against black people, much more than from whites against black people.

So what can we do now if all the races are against and attacking us without no one caring?

Furthermore, according to Lexus: “I believe it’s a cooked deal between the police and this Turkish hangs, together with the neighbors, because they don’t want us to live or stay at that territory. But we are going to stand on our feet to make sure that we defend ourselves and always stay stronger and united, in order to fight and end racism against our race.“

To conclude, my personal experimence at the scene as an interviewer, from where my brothers are hanging around, shows me the fear they are staying with.

Because according to them, they definitely do not live in a safe and stable environment. Because of their race, they are being surrounded by the cruel Turks, Arabs and Whites, who are both day and night targetting and hunting them, in collaboration with the police, as well.

And they are urging the society and the state to welcome and accept them of their colour and identity without any such discrimination, hatred, racism and racial profiling by the police.


Written by Moro Yapha A.K.A Yaya yaffa

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