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In remembrance of Amed Ahmad - Manifestation in Bonn

Our demands are justice, justice and justice.
We will not stop asking about the murderers of our son.
We use the word murderer because people killed Amed or caused his death.

Malek and Fadila Ahmad in October 2018

Aufruf in deutscher Sprache: In Gedenken an Amed Ahmad - Kundgebung in Bonn

In remembrance of Amed Ahmad October 13, 2022 | 6 pm | Bonn - Münsterplatz

September 29, 2022 marks the fourth anniversary of Amed Ahmad's death. To this day, we do not know why Amed Ahmad was arrested and deprived of his freedom for over two months, eventually had to burn and then die. Amed Ahmad's family not only has to endure the loss of their son, but also endure it in retrospect, as in a parliamentary committee of inquiry trivialities dominated the discussions and the report. The mother and father of Amed Ahmad and we continue to wonder why Amed Ahmad is no longer with us. The hypocritical investigations in the parliamentary committee of inquiry did not provide answers to our questions. Rather, they strengthened our doubts that it was not just a chain of mistakes and failures that led to Amed's death.

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In Gedenken an Amed Ahmad - Kundgebung in Bonn

Unsere Forderungen lauten Gerechtigkeit, Gerechtigkeit und Gerechtigkeit.
Wir werden nicht aufhören, nach den Mördern von unserem Sohn zu fragen.
Wir benutzen das Wort Mörder, weil Menschen Amed getötet oder seinen Tod verursacht haben.

Malek und Fadila Ahmad im Oktober 2018

Call for the action in eglish language: In remembrance of Amed Ahmad - Manifestation in Bonn

Gedenkveranstaltung für Amed Ahmad 13. Oktober 2022 | 18 Uhr | Bonn - Münsterplatz

Am 29. September 2022 jährt sich zum vierten Mal der Todestag von Amed Ahmad. Bis heute wissen wir nicht, warum Amed Ahmad festgenommen und über zwei Monate seiner Freiheit beraubt wurde, schließlich verbrennen und im Anschluss sterben musste. Die Familie von Amed Ahmad muss nicht nur den Verlust ihres Sohnes ertragen, sondern auch im Nachhinein ertragen, wie in einem parlamentarischen Untersuchungsausschuss Nebensächlichkeiten die Diskussionen und den Bericht dominierten. Die Mutter und der Vater von Amed Ahmad und wir fragen uns weiterhin, warum Amed Ahmad nicht mehr bei uns weilt. Die scheinheiligen Untersuchungen im parlamentarischen Untersuchungsausschuss gaben keine Antworten auf unsere Fragen. Sie stärkten eher unsere Zweifel, dass es nicht nur eine Kette von Fehlern und Versagen waren, die zu Ameds Tod führten.

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Familie von Georgios Zantiotis beantragt eine gerichtliche Entscheidung

Wieder werden wir Zeugen einer kalten bürokratischen Legitimation der Tötungen durch die Polizei:

Generalstaatsanwaltschaft Düsseldorf lehnt
die Beschwerde der Familie von Georgios Zantiotis ab

31. August 2022

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Family of Georgios Zantitios appeals against the dismissal of the case

Cause of death of Georgios Zantiotis still unclear
Wuppertal public prosecutor's office ends proceedings
Zantiotis family files appeal

Press Release - January 12, 2022

Pressemitteilung in deutscher Sprache

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Justice for Georgios Zantiotis

Fundraising campaign to support the Zantiotis family in their fight for truth

Dear people in solidarity

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"Showing solidarity with migrants is not a crime!"

Solidarity with Alican Albayrak and Hüseyin Şahin
Both are supposed to be condemned for their humanity
while the EU, Germany & Greece perpetuate barbarism

deutsch: „Sich mit Migranten zu solidarisieren ist kein Verbrechen!“
statement as PDF: english & german

Alican Albayrak and Huseyin Şahin were persecuted for their political activities in Turkey against exploitation, deprivation of rights of the people and wars and therefore had to leave the country. Since 17 November 2020, they have been deprived of their freedom and are now in prison in Greece on the island of Chios. The reason: They helped two people from Turkey seeking protection, who were threatened by repression and political persecution in their land, to reach the coast. They are now accused by the Greek government of "smuggling" (violation of the migration law) and "resistance against state power". On Monday, 10 May 2021, is the trial against both. If convicted, they face deportation to the country where more years of deprivation of liberty await them.

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Online RefugeeBlackBox (RBB) - Community Campaign | Paint it Black!

Refugees and Migrants are invited

Dear people; brothers and sisters, activists and friends,
we, the activists of RefugeeBlackBox and The VOICE Refugee Forum would be happy to invite you to the network meeting and participate in the action of our online community campaign of RefugeeBlackBox. Feel invited to read and join the movement. We remain in solidarity.
RefugeeBlackBox Team

Christophe Cissé - Renvoyé à la prison de déportation après avoir résisté dans l'avion

Christophe Cissé - Renvoyé à la prison de déportation après avoir résisté dans l'avion

Libérez Christophe Cissé

Mise à jour : Christophe Cissé - Renvoyé à la prison de déportation après avoir résisté dans l'avion.
RefugeeBlackBox Solidarity | Free Christophe Cissé - Stop Deportation


Online refugee meetings - Wars in our countries

19 March 2021 | 7:30 pm

PDF البرنامج باللغة العربية | Programm als PDF (deutsch) | PDF برنامه به فارسی | program as PDF (english) | türkçe Program

Wars in our countries
19 March 2021 | 7:30 pm

Dear friends, sisters and brothers,

on 19 March 2003, the second attack by the USA and friendly states on Iraq began. Exactly 8 years to the day, the French air force opened the war against Libya with bombings. Both wars violated existing international law and were illegal. They were indirectly supported by the Federal Republic of Germany. Aircraft and supplies for the warring parties of the NATO states flew from here.

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Solidarity against the planned deportation of Afitap Demir to Turkey

As the Caravan Refugee Women's Movement, we are appalled and angry that the state of Hessen has deprived Afitap Demir of her freedom and wants to deport her to Turkey.


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