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Deportation is Terror - Action in Erfurt against the deportation of Chun. K

As long as deportation is still functionable for state and being cultural perform, believing in saftyness is unavailable.
Refugees are the direct affected by wars, sanctions, occupations, corruption and romantic terrorism of Europe and specially Germany. Refugees are touching the fear and inscurity in deep dark side of cities and towns. The lively life of Refugees is treated and judged by paragraphs packed in letters from masked offices to be wasted.
How much this awful image is possible to be realized by society?
How much this craped picture can projected by mass media?
How much this presented welcome culture is real?

Break deportation action in Erfurt
Chun. K informed by letter about her deport date and time at 22.02.2015, 22:00. Information comes further to other refugees and activists and this action organized spontanously.
Local group: 

Letter of the Refugees Initiative Schwäbisch Gmünd to prime minister Winfried Kretschmann

Subject: Persistent repressive prosecution for civil disobedience against the so-called "residence obligation"
Letter in German and English for download

Mr. Prime Minister ...


Brief der Refugees Initiative Schwäbisch Gmünd an den Ministerpräsidenten Winfried Kretschmann

Betreff: Anhaltende repressive Strafverfolgung wegen zivilen Ungehorsams gegen die sog. „Residenzpflicht“
Brief zum Download

Herr Ministerpräsident…
Wir sind Flüchtlinge und politische Aktivisten aus verschiedenen Ländern (Nigeria, Kamerun, Afghanistan) und werden seit mehreren Jahren genötigt, im Isolationslager Schwäbisch Gmünd zu leben – zumindest so lange unsere Asylverfahren noch beim BAMF Karlsruhe „bearbeitet“ werden.


Roma Community Rise Up!

Roma Communities are most Isolated group of Refugees in lager in Germany. They are facing discrimination, isolation, criminalization and deportation daily by government and constitutions.
The Roma Community Thüringen start it own activities since months for self empowerment and break isolation.

Rally in Erfurt 10.2.2015:

Rally in Weimar 25.11.2014:
Local group: 

Un an après le massacre de Ceuta - Manifestation à Berlin de l'Ambassade d'Espagne


Manifestation à Berlin le 6 Février 2015 - Un an après le massacre de Ceuta
12:00 h de l'Ambassade d'Espagne - Lichtensteinallee, 1 - Tiergarten


Racist murder of Eritrean Refugee in Dresden

on 15th of January at 9am there will be a demonstratoion in Berlin.
Location: Brüderstraße 11, 10178 Berlin (Vertretung des Freistaates Sachsen beim Bund)

First Racist Attack of Eritrean Refugee in Germany - Dresden 2015


Demonstration on 10th anniversary of Oury Jallohs police murder towards the Dessau Police station

1.000 people joined the march in the Eastern German city Dessau heading to the police station on 7th of January 2015, where exactly 10 Years ago, the Sierra Leonean Refugee Oury Jalloh was burned to death in cell No. 5.


Not only in the US the police murders, but also here in Germany!

On 01/07/2005 the Sierra Leonean Oury Jalloh was burnt alive in a police cell in Dessau, Germany, locked on by hands and feet on an inflammable security mattress. Although the murder of Oury Jalloh is evident, the white policemen who are the only possible offenders have never been accused of murder or manslaughter. For years, instead, it was maintained, that Oury Jalloh had set himself on fire with a lighter. This lighter had not been found during the search of the cell but appeared some days later.



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