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Attempted suicide by refugee in Berlin when threatened with deportation!

Amir Wajihat from Pakistan attempted suicide on 21st of October and until now his situation is critical. He is one of the persons who signed the "Oranienplatz Agreement" with the senate of Berlin. Now, the police wants to deport him to Hungary!
Amir Wajihat needs us now!

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Keep On - Close down Breitenworbis refugee isolation camp in Thüringen

Rally in the Breitenworbis Isolation Refugee Camp: "Close the Isolation Lager!" is the last part of the 5 days program conerning the 20th anniversary of refugee resistance in Germany by The Voice.
The Protest goes on for years to spread the Information and to create the space for discussions to visible the situation of this isolated Lager in Thuringia.
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Erklärung des Refugee Protest Camp Hannover: "Der Winter wird gehen, der Frühling wird kommen"

Wir wurden darin gestoppt, unsere Vorbereitungen für den Winter zu treffen. Gleichzeitig wurden wir darüber informiert, dass, falls wir unsere Vorbereitungen für den Winter weiterführen, wir in die Gefahr der Räumung des Camps laufen.

Nun stehen wir vor dem Risiko, den Winter ohne Schutz vor den kalten Temperaturen überstehen zu müssen.



Antonio has been taken ofF the plane by the order of the pilot
at Brussels Airport.

How Antonio continues to fight for his life.

Contrary to earlier reports, the actual reason why the deportation of
Antonio has not been operated this morning is a very different story
than was at first thought. Not the phone- and mail- campaign has



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