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2nd Nationwide Caravan meeting for the preparation of the Refugee Tribunal 2013

1st Radio: Miloud Cherif Interviewed on Refugee Tribunal 2013 Berlin by Rebboot FM 88,4 with Mai Zeidan and Iris Rajanayagam from the Caravan for the rights of refugees and migrants in Germany (30.11.2012)

Meeting in Berlin 12/13 January 2013
Einladung zum zweiten Bundesweiten Karawanetreffen zur Vorbereitung des Flüchtligstribunals 2013

Dear friends and activists,

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Solidarity with Vienna's Refugee Protest camp from the Refugee Protest Camp at Oranienplatz in Berlin

A solidarity message from Berlin to the Sisters and Brothers resisting in Vienna after the eviction of the Refugee Protestcamp of Sigmund-Freud-Park. Together we stand. The fight goes on.

Solidarity with Vienna's Refugee Protestcamp from Berlin - 29.12.2012 from The VOICE Refugee Network on Vimeo.

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Endorse the International Statement of Solidarity from Refugee Protest in Vienna

By pressteam on December 29, 2012

All our support and solidarity to the protest of migrants and asylum seekers in Vienna!

The protest camp set up by asylumseekers in Vienna has been brutally evicted last night. It is part of a growing European movement of migrant struggles, that has recently seen similar protests in Berlin, Amsterdam and Calais, as well as Lesvos, Budapest and other places. They contest authoriatrian border regimes and the migration policies of the EU and its member states.


Petition against German State Occupation of the Nigerian Embassy in Berlin - Collaboration Founded on Corruption

On 15.10.10 in Berlin, Nigerians and their supporters protested the continuous collaboration of the Embassy´s corrupt identification-deportation exercises conducted at different German cities on a monthly basis. The protesters also called on the Nigerian Government to cancel all deportation agreements entered with the German European Government.

Statement of The VOICE Refugee Forum:

The VOICE Refugee Forum
(Stuttgart Office)
Böblingerstr 105
D - 70199 Heslach-Stuttgart


Messages from the Refugee Protest Camp Oranienplatz to the UNHCR in Berlin

"I don't tell my story to receive compassion but because it's the truth. No doubt about that I'll still continue to fight."

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RESIDENZPFLICHT Filmvorführungen in Jena und Hamburg am 27.11.2012 [Eng/Deut]

RESIDENZPFLICHT Filmvorführungen in Jena und Hamburg am 27.11.2012

Protagonists [Texts in English]:

Residenzpflicht (Denise Garcia Bergt, 70 min, documentary/Germany/2012)

For more than a decade self-organized groups of refugees have been fighting the Residenzpflicht law in Germany. They demand the complete abolition of the law restricting their freedom of movement and protest against the isolation they are forced to live in.


Petition to the German government: Stop Racial Profiling!

We need 2000 signatures per day: DID YOU SIGN ALREADY?!

Please sign the petition and support our efforts:

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RESIDENZPFLICHT FILM Next screenings Nov. - December 2012

Di 27. Nov. 2012
Hamburg, 19:00 / 3001 Kino
Di 27. Nov. 2012 - Mi 28. Nov. 2012
Wo: 3001 Kino Schanzenstraße 75 20357 Hamburg

Jena, 19:00 ver.di Studis Jena
Di 27. Nov. 2012 - Mi 28. Nov. 2012 Wo: Hörsaal 7 / Campus

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Beyond the borders Conference - The War of the Europeans against Human Rights

Refugee Protest Camp am Oranienplatz

Beyond the borders Conference - The War of the Europeans against Human Rights:

Discussions with refugee activists:

The Struggles of Refugees against the borders here and beyond in Africa

On Sunday, 11. November 2012 at 17:00 hrs in the Refugee Protest Camp am Oranienplatz in Berlin

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