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Court hearing on Police brutality - First Statement of Farooq Khan

1st Statement of Farooq Khan - Court hearing on Police brutality in Ellwangen: This is about the illegal system

The German Judiciaries and administrative authorities work to protect police system, its brutality, its crimes, its abuses and its power of political repression against the refugee community. How the legal system works here in Germany could be observed once again yesterday for one more time – it is not about justice but moreover to protect especially police its brutality while executing racist laws and duty. For this reason the courts even join in to criminalize in an institutionalized fashion.

Videoreport on court trial by Cross Point

Background information in German and Video of Farooq Khan in English:

Yesterday was a very long day of prejudice and injustice – the court trial almost took 8 hours. It was another new experience for me to understand how this system can punish and criminalize you at the same long time and again and again.


Farooq Khan: Polizeibrutalität und Politische Repression gegen die Flüchtlingsgemeinschaft in Schwäbisch Gmünd

English: Police Brutality - Farooq Khan on Trial - Show you solidarity with Schwäbich Gmünd Activist

Ankündigung und Aufruf zur Unterstützung

Wir, die Aktivisten der Flüchtlingsinitiative Schwäbisch Gmünd, rufen im Bündnis mit der bundesweiten Karawane für die Rechte der Flüchtlinge und MigrantInnen auf zur Solidarität mit Farooq Khan, der wegen seines Protests gegen Polizeibrutalität verfolgt wird.

Wir verlangen, dass das Gericht alle erfundenen Anklagen gegen unseren Mitaktivisten fallen lässt. Er war von einem Polizeihund gebissen worden und aus seinem Versuch, sich vor weiteren Verletzungen durch weitere Bisse zu schützen, wurde eine Anklage wegen Nötigung konstruiert.

Local group: 

Zur Verhaftung und Kriminalisierung der ATIK-AktivistInnen durch die Generalbundesanwaltschaft

Wuppertal am 25.Mai 2015
Am 15. April 2015 wurden nach mehreren Razzien sieben Mitglieder der ATIK (Konföderation der ArbeiterInnen aus der Türkei) festgenommen. Auch in anderen europäischen Ländern gab es Verhaftungen. Die AktivistInnen sitzen immer noch in Haft unter Anwendung des § 129b (Unterstützung einer terroristischen ausländischen Organisation).

Local group: 

Wuppertal - The ideology and culture of deportation

Sunday, April 12, 2015, at 3p.m.
CARAVAN for the rights of refugees and migrants
Marienstraße 52, Wuppertal

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Witnesses of war speak in Dessau during the Demonstration in Remembrance of Oury Jalloh

Survivors of the NATO war against Libya and survivors of war in Afghanistan speak openly in Desau during the Memoration demonstration in remembrance of Oury Jalloh's killing. See yourself:

More from witnesses of war on: Zeugen des Krieges



KHALED IDRIS BAHRAY - Ein weiterer Stein in der Mauer ermordeter Asylbewerber_innen in EU-Deutschland

ENGLISH: KHALED IDRIS BAHRAY - Another Brick in the Wall of Murdered Asylum Seekers in EU-Germany

KHALED, ein eritreischer Asylsuchender wurde am 12. Januar 2015 in der Stadt Dresden erstochen ...

... und wieder einmal scheint die deutsche Polizei blind gegenüber dem offensichtlich gewaltvollen Tod eines Schwarzen Menschen im Deutschland der Weißen zu sein...

Local group: 

The brutal Killing of Khaled Idris Bahray - A Letter by Human Rights Concern - Eritrea to Mr. Heiko Maas

A letter from Human Rights Concern - Eritrea to Mr Heiko Maas

Mr Heiko Maas
Federal Minister of Justice and Consumer Protection
Berlin office
Mohrenstraße 37
10117 Berlin

Via: Email

14 January 2015

Dear Mr Maas,

Re: The brutal Killing of Khaled Idris Bahray,a 20-year-old refugee from


Neue Dokumentation: Wer war beteiligt an der Tötung von Laye Condé?

Bremen: Wer war beteiligt an der Tötung von Laye Condé? - Neue Dokumentation erschienen

Local group: 

Press Release - It is already proven: Oury Jalloh – He was murdered!

Deutsch: Pressemitteilung: Es ist längst bewiesen: Oury Jalloh – das war Mord!

Press Release + To the Public

Deutschland, 2. Januar 2015

Statement as pdf Download in German und English

It is already proven: Oury Jalloh – He was murdered!

This means:
10 years of constitutional protection of the murderers of Oury Jalloh

It means at the same time:
10 years of criminalization of those, who resist against racist terror of the state

On January 7, 2005 Oury Jalloh burns in the cell number 5 of the police station Dessau in Wolfgangstraße. Very fast the entire body of Oury Jalloh is in flames. His hands and feet are chained to the ground. He lies on a fire resistant mattress in a fully tiled cell. The fire is so strong that the fingers of his left hand carbonize to ashes.

Shortly thereafter, the state persecutor of Dessau explained to the bewildered public that Oury Jalloh must have lit the fire by himself and thus committed suicide. The family of Oury Jalloh and initiatives requested an immediate expertise as they could never believe how someone could burn so badly and carbonize without using additional fuel or other combustive agent. But not only the state persecutors, also the courts involved and experts engaged, either avoided or maliciously blocked any effort in substantial investigations. They obsessively confined their legal imagination down to the least possible but still one and only hypothesis. Over the last ten years investigative, prosecuting and legal authorities and bodies had to ignore and cover up indicative traces and furthermore exclude, destroy and manipulate evidence as far as collective falsification of testimonies of (police) witnesses. All courts up to highest levels distorted themselves beyond justice over these last ten years as to officially rule on something that could never ever have happened. They just had to obstruct official confirmation about what really happened on January 7th in 2005 in police cell number 5 of Dessau.



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