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30th April: A Day for “illegal Workers”

Better to die fighting for freedom then be a prisoner your whole life. “It’s better to die on feet than live on knees”. Francis Kwame survived the NATO war in Libya, He was an active member of the group “Lampedusa in Hamburg”, but was denied and killed by the senate of Hamburg. He was traumatized and humiliated by the so called democracy in Hamburg....

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We remember Fracis Kwame who survived the NATO-war in Libya but died in the streets of Hamburg

Refugees regret and mourn the death of Francis Kwame and criticise the German executive and judicial organ in charge of refugees affaire.

We regret and mourn the death of our fellow refugee Francis Kwame in Hamburg. This is one of the outcome and evidence of stats repression, injustice, discrimination, war in Libya.

We didn't survive NATO war in Libya - to die in the streets of Hamburg!
Francis Kwame is dead!

Francis Kwame , according to the information, had survived war in Libya, where he had lived and worked for almost 20 years . Lost all he had worked for so many years, obliged to quit Libya to exile, to protect his life in Europe.

"He did not die in Hamburg, he did not die in Lybia, he died in the moment when NATO decided to attack Libya!", one Afghan refugee said during the first presentation of the video in Jena during a meeting of THE VOICE Refugee Forum. Someone said thereafter: "He died even once before, when he left his land and his familly to Libya, to work and be able to support the family back home."

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Flüchtlinge aus Schwäbisch Gmünd kontrollieren am 20. April die Polizei in Jena und fordern eine Entschuldigung!

Jena, 20. April, 2014
Wir sind eine Gruppe von Flüchtlingsaktivisten aus Schwäbisch Gmünd. Wir erklären hiermit explizit, dass wir uns von niemandem von unserem Recht auf unseren politische Entfaltung abhalten lassen werden.
ENGLISH: Refugees from Schwäbisch Gmünd control the police in Jena and demand an excuse!

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Refugees from Schwäbisch Gmünd control the police in Jena and demand an excuse!

Jena, April 20, 2014

We are a group of refugee activists from Schwäbisch Gmünd and we make sure no border can stop our activism.

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Dublin-3 Abschiebungen stoppen! Permanenter Protest in Berlin

English below:
Stop Dublin Deportations!
Subject: ###Permanent protest started in front of the House of the European Union against the increasing Dublin deportations ###

Berlin – 15.04.2014 – Dublin-3 Abschiebungen stoppen!

Betreff: ###Permanenter Protest gegen zunehmende Dublin Abschiebungen vor dem Europäischen Haus gestartet###

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Nelken für Napuli!

Berlin 13.4.2014

Gemeinsamer Aufruf von AfricAvenir International, AFROTAK TV CyberNomads, Berlin Postkolonial, glokal, Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland,

Nelken für Napuli!

Report and statement on trial in Hamburg

On April 7, 2014 a trial took place at the Hamburg district court because of supposed trespassing.

„End to the ignorance – Recognition of the group Lampedusa in Hamburg - for a life in dignity“ was written on banner with which some people entered last june the townhall.

The trial began after changing in a bigger room with a declaration of the accused. By a projector a video was presented from the new youtube channel „witnesses of war“: In this video two speakers of the group „Lampedusa in Hamburg“ talk real regarding their situation and who is responsible. Listening to this video is a precondition for the following statement argued the accused against the attempt of state persecutor and judge to prohibit the showing. On April 28 the case will prusued.

Process statement before the Hamburg District Court
charge: domestic disturbance in City Hall

To the specific allegation that was made against me and three other people, one can only say that it is a false accusation. There was a discussion and an agreement, afterwards nevertheless the other side was pressing a charge. But this is beside the point. The charge and the condemnation serve to intimidate and to warn that the status quo is to accept and not to put in question. It serves to also open a sideshow as it was to see , for example, in the autumn of last year with a debate by the media about "left perpetrators of violence". Not state violence against the Libyan war refugees was the focus there, but the protests and responses to the racist controls and arranged manhunt - The aim was to split the broad solidarity movement and distract from the core of the argument : namely, the eligibility of the demands of the group " Lampedusa in Hamburg " and the responsibility of European governments and NATO countries for the presence of the former Libyan workers in Europe. Violence without any content and criminalization of protest is a familiar form of de-politicization of public debate. The monopoly of power is held by the state and must be demonstrated again and again. Therefore, we must be prosecuted. Real trespassing or constructed, this is the sideshow that is to be opened with the criminalization of us. Quit this nonsense.

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Israel will pay for the crimes committed to Africans

Israel will pay for the crimes committed to Africans from The VOICE Refugee Forum Network on Vimeo.

Activists of The VOICE Refugee Forum, The Plataforma for Refugees and Migrants and The Caravan for the rights of Refugees and Migrants (Germany): Mbolo M.Yufanyi and Mai Zeidani Yufanyi together with some African activists in Israel/Palestine attended a Picket at the Apartheid "Open" Prison in Holot in the Negev desert (South of Israel).


Prozesserklärung vor dem Hamburger Amtsgericht

Prozesserklärung vor dem Hamburger Amtsgericht

zur Anklage: Hausfriedensbruch im Hamburger Rathaus

Wegen des konkreten Vorwurfs, der gegen mich und drei weitere Personen erhoben wurde, ist nur zu sagen, das es eine falsche Anschuldigung ist. Es gab ein Gespräch und eine Einigung und danach stellte die andere Seite eine Strafanzeige.

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