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With the title "reports international /imperialism and resistance" a series of events will take place from may 22nd to july 2nd in Hamburg concerning the situation in various countries. '


Solidarity with the Sans Papiers on hunger-strike at UNICEF

18.Apr.05 - 15 sans papiers of the 9th collective of Sans papiers in Paris have now been on hunger strike for 30 days !! In an occupation at the offices of the Unicef France. A decision was taken to occupy the Paris offices of UNICEF by the collective because of its silence in response in relation to the incarceration and expulsion of sans papiers children. The hunger strike was later decided upon in response to the accusation by the UNICEF that the Sans papiers were manipulating children in order to get attention focussed on their situation.


Solidarity with the Comitê de Resistência Popular (Peoples Resistance Committee)

Solidarity with the Comitê de Resistência Popular
(Peoples Resistance Committee)

A house in the dockland area of Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, that was vacant for more than 10 years, was occupied in December 2003 by a group of poor families organised by the Comitê de Resistência Popular. In former times this building was used as a source of income by letting it for different purposes. According to some neighbours the house was lastly used as a garage for private vehicles. Less than a week after the occupation the possessor of the building, the Irmandade de Santissimo Sacramento da Candelária (a confraternity of the Catholic Church), demanded the restitution of their property.


Caravan supports Bramsche/Hesepe refugees' resistance

Message of Solidarity to the Refugees in the Detention Camp in Bramsche/Hesepe (english/deutsch)


Hungerstreik für Abschiebestopp nach Togo durchgeführt

54 politische Flüchtlinge aus Togo führten vom 19.06. bis zum 22.06. 2004 einen 4-tägigen Hungerstreik auf dem Berliner Gendarmenmarkt durch. Unterstützt von 59 Exiloppositionellen und Asylsuchenden aus Togo und weiteren 20 aus Kamerun, so aus anderen afrikanischen Ländern, brachten die Hungerstreikenden ihre Forderung nach einem generellen und sofortigen Abschiebestopp nach Togo und andere afrikanische Diktaturen in die Öffentlichkeit.


Palestinian refugee does not accept restriction of movement in Germany

Ahmed Sameer, member of The VOICE Refugee Forum will protest in civil disobedience against the German Residenzpflicht-law which restricts the movement of asylumseekers to their landkreis and violates their human rights.

The first court hearing on the three counts charge of police controls of Residence Obligation -pass law violation against Ahmed Sameers and his protest against “Residenzpflicht” will be held in the Amtsgericht Gotha, Justus-Perthes-Straße 2, Room 214, at 12 noon, on the 21st of June 2004.


Palästinensischer Flüchtling akzeptiert Einschränkung der Bewegungsfreiheit in Deutschland nicht

Ahmed Sameer, Mitglied von The VOICE Refugee Forum, wird in zivilem Ungehorsam gegen das deutsche Residenzpflicht-Gesetz protestieren, das die Bewegungsfreiheit von Asylbewerbern auf ihren Landkreis beschränkt und somit ihre Menschenrechte verletzt.

Die erste Anhörung zu der dreifachen Anklage aufgrund von Polizeikontrollen gegen Ahmed Sameer wegen der Verletzung der „Residenzpflicht“ und wegen seines Protest dagegen wird am 21. Juni 2004 um 12.00 Uhr im Amtsgericht Gotha, Justus-Perthes-Straße 2, Zimmer 214 stattfinden.


La liberté de circulation est pour tous!

La première audition contre la Residenzpflicht d'Ahmed Sameers? la protestation sera tenue au tribunal de Gotha, Justus-Perthes-Strasse 2, chambre 214, le 21 de juin 2004.


HUNGER STRIKE June 19th - 22nd Berlin -against the criminal practice of deportation

on June 19th - 22nd, 2004 at "Gendarmenmarkt" in Berlin/Mitte

against the criminal practice of deportation and the persecution
of Togolese and Cameroonian political exile opposition
by the German state.

Since the beginning of this year the persecution and deportation of refugees from Togo has increased massively. The peak level so far was the mass-deportation of 18 people from Togo and 26 from Cameroon, who were deported from Amsterdam under participation of Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France and the UK. Germany was involved with the deportation of 15 persons. During the night of May 25th/26th the political refugees from Togo and Cameroon were forced, against their protest, to enter a plane (Eyewitnesses stated it was a KLM airplane from the Netherlands) by the use of beating, pepper spray, dogs, plastic shackles and the new model of the "Deportation-Torture-Helmet" (These new models were presented by the German Home Office, after Amir Ageeb had died of suffocation because of being brutalized by border police and the use of a bike-helmet during his deportation in 1999).


GREVE DE LA FAIM 19.-22.06 Berlin - Contre les pratiques criminelles de déportation ...

Du 19-22.06.2004 à “Gendarmenmarkt” Berlin/Centre.

Contre les pratiques criminelles de déportation et de persecution à l´encontre les exiles politiques togolais et camerounais par l´état allemand.



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