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Stop the deportation of Yabré Oumarou

Freedom for Yabré Oumarou

Yabré Oumarou came to Germany in 1993. For three years he remained as an asylum seeker and married in 1996. In April 1996 his daughter was born. With the marriage Yabré Oumaou got a residence title and started to work in order to take care for his wife, who was unemployed.

Some months later, Oumarou went to Burkina Faso to visit his parents. He took old clothes on this journey in order to give them to people back home to whom they were useful. Conflicts about these clothes which he had with his wife after his return finally lead to divorce.

In 1999, the foreign office in Lingen (Ems) refused to extend his stay permit, with the reason that he was divorced. After “Widerspruch” he was given a “Duldung” (tolerance), which was extended again and again. In October 2005 the foreign office Lingen decided to deport him to his home country Burkina Faso. On the14th of July 2006 he was arrested and since then he has been in deportation prison in the JVA Nürnberg.

The situation is especially dramatic concerning his daughter to whom he has a very good relationship. In case he is deported, Yabré Oumarou would be denied the possibility of regularly seeing his daughter and his 11 year old daughter would be deprived of her right of having regular contact with her father. But children have a right to and also need to have contact with both her parents - independent from the quality of the relationship between the parents. As a mixed child Sophie needs her father to develop her Black and African identity which the mother alone can never offer.
A deportation would therefore not only be a dramatic intrusion into the life of Yabré Oumarou, who’s been living in Germany for 13 years and integrated, it would also be a massive infringement of his daughter’s rights.

According to §60a Abs.2 of the law on the residency, employment and integration of foreigners within the country (Aufenthaltsgesetz-AufenthG- "laws on residency") of the 30.07.2004 (BGB1S 1950) in the present case does not stop the concerned from deportation, as long as this is not possible due to legal or factual reasons. That means employment and integration do not play any role as long as the foreign office in Lingen persists to go on with the deportation.

Two attempts to deport Yabré Oumarou have already taken place on the 26th of February and 4th of April 2007. Both failed due to massive resistance of Yabré Oumarou’s supporters.
On the 5th of April the deportation prison was extended for another three month (for he fourth time!) The hearing took place without his lawyer so he had no legal defence.

Yabré Oumarou has now been in deportation prison now for nine month. - As he has not committed any crime this must be seen as a violation of basic human rights. The immediate and continuous threat of deportation is psychological torture for the prisoner.

We protest against this violation of the refugees and migrants rights and against this threat by deportation in Germany. This alone contradicts the logic of the protection by the basic human rights, which are consistently refused by court judgements. We appeal to the moral courage of the people, to the government and the society to guarantee us the freedom and the basic democratic values to give us security and a self-determined life.

We, the organisation of The VOICE Refugee Forum, The Caravan for the rights of refugees and migrants in Germany with The Association of Burkina Faso Community in Franken - Nürnberg therefore stand up for Yabré Oumarous release from deportation prison and for his permanent right of stay. We urge the authorities to use their possibilities in interpreting the laws in a way that serves the well-being of the people.

Deportation is not humane! Deportation is violation of the human rights!

We are calling out for your support by participation in our fax campaign for Yabré Oumarou. Please protest against the detention and the deportation threat against Yabré Oumarou. Please demand his immediate release from deportation prison and his right to stay.

Write faxes or letters to:

Innenminister Niedersachsens, Uwe Schünemann – Fax: (0511) 120 99 6044
Ausländerabteilung Stadt Lingen (EMS), Elisabethstr. 14-16, 49808 Lingens (EMS),
Tel: (0591) 91 44 370 , Fax: 0591-91 44 375

Oumarou Yabré can be reached in:
JVA Nürnberg, Mannerstr. 6, 90429 Nürnberg, tel: (0911) 321 02 .

We demand to stop Yabrés deportation and to guarantee his right to stay!
Yabré Oumorou is only one of the few victims known to us, several thousands of refugees and migrants have fallen victim to the German machinery of deportation.

Please send donation to: The Voice e. V., Göttingen
Account nr: 127 829, Bank BLZ. nr: 260 500 01
IBAN: DE97 2605 0001 000 1278 29;BIC: NOLADE21GOE
Bank name: Sparkasse Göttingen. Code -Yabré

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