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Berichte International 5 Opening Event - about coloinal injustice in Germany


Berichte International 5 - Imperialism and Resistance

Opening Event

Osaren Igbinoba: Colonial Injustice in Germany
Presentation and Discussion

Thu., November 19, 2009 - Start 19°°
"Internationales Zentrum B5", Brigittenstrasse 5, Hamburg St.Pauli

Osaren Igbinoba, founding member of the refugee organisation The Voice Refugee Forum and Nigerian political refugee, talks about the continuing colonial (in)justice in Germany / Europe and the ongoing resistance. His talk will be based on the article "On Colonial Injustice and the Continuity of Barbarity in Germany", which was released during the campaign against the deportation of VOICE member Felix Otto. The article is on the website of THE VOICE and the KARAWANE in various languages.
It is recommended to read the article in advance.
The KARAWANE Festival "African Masquarede - Concert and Music Parade" including exhibition, film and installations takes place on June 4-6 in Jena under the motto "Africa is not far from us - unite against colonial injustice". All are invited to enrich the event with their own cultural contribution.
We heartily invite you to learn our views, discuss with us and extend our working relationship.

„…In some cases, what is not considered good enough for their dogs are considered the best food for us … For they believe that if we do not rot at the bottom of the ocean then we should certainly rot in their isolated and abandoned military barracks located in the forests, away from regular human beings and any urban centres. It is easier to control and slowly destroy us that way…. But it eats at their souls whether they know it or not, leaving them as living, breathing robots with no hearts and thus with absolutely no human comprehension. Frantz Fanon stated these years ago with the bloody French rule in Algeria and it is still true today in Germany with refugees….”taken from: The VOICE Refugee Forum Network: On Colonial Injustice and the Continuity of Barbarity in Germany

We will also present the foto exhibition from the INITIATIVE IN REMEBERING OURY JALLOH in our place.
Since 5 years we are struggling for truth, justice and reparation in the case of Oury Jalloh and in other cases of police brutality. The struggle will continue until we reach our goals. Marco Del Pra, Thomas Kriska and Umbruch-Bildarchiv documented the 5 year struggle in pictures.
In January 2005 Oury Jalloh was brutalized and burnt alive in police custody in Dessau/Germany. On January 7th 2010 we will travel from Hamburg to Dessau to attend the demonstration and the rememberance. (Bus tickets from Hamburg 040-43 18 90 37)

KARAWANE für die Rechte der Flüchtlinge und MigrantInnen – Hamburg: Internationales Zentrum B5, Brigittenstr. 5, 20359 Hamburg, Tel/Fax: 040-43 18 90 37/38, mail:free2move[ät],

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