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Statement of Solidarity on the Case of an African Refugee killed in Dessau (Oury Jalloh) - Flüchtlingsbewegung Sachsen Anhalt

Flüchtlingsbewegung Sachsen Anhalt: Statement of Solidarity on the Case of an African Refugee killed in Dessau (Oury Jalloh)

The brutal killing of Oury Jalloh shows the extent of insecurity and administrative abuse that African Refugee Communities confronts in Germany. Its shock and trauma exists till the present time in the memory of African Refugee Communities, etc. Despite the fact that various efforts have been made to find out the truth and those that committed the crime but no concrete result is given.

From subjective perspective, Refugee Movement Sachsen Anhalt expresses its Solidarity and recognizes that Oury Jalloh was a refugee who confronted administrative abuse and repression through the restriction of movement, voucher, interdiction to work, etc, before his death, etc. Despite that, majority of African refugees still are confronting themselves with the same repression and administrative abuse that Oury Jalloh had confronted before his death. For instance, the responsible authority marginalizes African refugees in their decision making process. This practice generate consequences to the African Refugees Communities and they are dispersed in Sachsen Anhalt and Germany at large.

Therefore, we acknowledged the significance of the struggles of the Initiative in Memory of Oury Jalloh, the African Communities that have been engaging and still engage to know the truth and justice about the death of our African brothers and sisters in Germany. We acknowledged also the struggles and supports from different groups of the German civil society in search of the truth and justice since 7th of January 2005.

Therefore, we call for the unity of all African Refugee Communities to defend and protect ourselves against any irregularities, administrative abuses and injustice in Germany.

We equally call the responsible authorities to take an appropriate measure to protect the African Refugees Communities, so that, what had happened will never occur again and to grant our safety, security and protection. To stop all forms of Administrative abuses on African Refugee Communities.The priority is Justice to avail.

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