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Hamburg: Action in solidarity with Leonard Peltier

Solidarity with Leonard Peltier

On Thursday August 25 some forty internationalist from diverse regions of the world gathered in front of the US Consulate in Hamburg, Germany to protest against Leonard Peltier being placed in solitary confinement and being denied the neccessary medical care.
During the hour long manifestation the political activists held a banner with the wording "Yes you can Set him free" and distributed flyers. Speakers highlighted the case of Leonard and his more than 35 years of unjust incarceration, but also spoke about the situation of Mumia Abu-Jamal and the general plight of political prisoners in US dungeons.

Recalling the case of the Italien anarchists Nicola Sacco und Bartolomeo Vanzetti, who were executed in 1927 after a politically motivated trial and only 50 years later rehabilitated after the Massachusetts "Report to the Governor in the Matter of Sacco and Vanzetti" came to the conclusion that Sacco and Vanzetti had been unfairly tried and convicted, the activists called for the immediate release of Leonard and Mumia who similarly were unfairly tried and convicted and the release of all political prisoners.

Attempts to hand over a large envelope addressed to Barack Obama containing among things a flyer and the above mentioned part of the banner were blocked by the consulate. After the police guarding the consulate compound refused to pass on the envelope to the consulate a strong arm was needed to send it per 'air mail'. It landed safely on the other side of the security fence.

Solidarity with Leonard Peltier

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