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Call for anti-racist demonstration in Bremen Vegesack

Meeting point: train station Bremen Vegesack
on Saturday 10th of August 2013 at 11:00 a.m.

What happend?
On behalf of the request of the Bürger in Wut (BIW), the CDU and the FDP a special session of the local Beirat in Vegesack has beeen hold on the 4.7.2013. The aim was to prevent the installation of containers for refugees in town. Many people from Vegesack attended the session and voiced their opinion by a lot of racist comments.

„Der Bunker Valentin ist groß genug“ („The bunker Valentin is big enough“) was shouted, accompanied by mockingly laughter. The Wall from the „Fährer Flur“ to the adjacent swimming bath is„ natürlich von Vorteil“ („natural advantage“), „Ich als Deutscher bin nicht mehr offen für Integration“ („I as a German am not longer open for integration“). And in addition „ Solidarität mit den deutschen Kindern“ ( Solidarity with the German children) was demanded.

For their fundamental disapproval against the refugees, citizens and the members of the Beirat drew a lot of applause. Even Nazi-slogans like „ Arbeit macht frei“ („work will set you free“) were murmured.

People who criticized that, such as Sabri Kurt, member of the Beirat, were shouted down. Cord Degenhard from the BiW and member of the Beirat „fühlte sich ausgesprochen wohl“ („felt himself absolutely comfortable“).

Finally with the votes of BIW, CDU, FDP and the SPD, the session decided to turn down the planned accomodation and culminated in the Degenhard speaking out the treat: „Wenn Sie das weiter durchziehen, dann gibt es nicht nur einen Platz in Istanbul, dann gibt es auch einen Sedanplatz“ („when you will continue to pull through this, there will be not only a square in Instanbul, but also the Sedanplatz“)

Inflammatory Speeches and arsons attacks
Hardly 20 years ago, homes of migrants and accomodations for asylumseekers burned almost daily. The attacks of the 1990s were the murderous company of a racist campaign against asylum seekers, which was supported by most of the political parties and the media. Since the 1990s, 180 people were murdered by racist and and right wing violence. Just last year there was an arson attack at a house in Woltmershausen.

Those who loudly and racist shout against the accomodation of asylum seekers, accept that physical violence and arson attacs are used – or even call for them. Humans who are in search of a save place are perceived as a molestation or even a theat.

A good life for everybody?
The reasons why people migrate, are diverse: Humans escape from political and social persecution, poverty, gender specific violence or wars. They try to save themself from the consequences of a desasterous social, economic and ecologic policy and economy, which aim is profitmaximizing.
Because of this relation, few live in prosperity and the majority in poverty,dependence and insecurity. It is the same capitalist economy which causes a quote of over 25% employees who are working for low wages and likewise unemployed persons have not enough money for their daily life in the BRD.

But escape is also an expression of the wish for a good life. We declare our solidarity with this demand and find it self-evident, that all people get the same access to the ressources of such a life- like a good housing. Because of that, we oppose the forced accommodation of people in collective housings in general and claim for good housings and „ Bleiberecht“ for all humans.

In the latest racist mobilizations like Vegesack, Gröpelingen , Obervieland, Berlin- Hellersdorf etc. we see a real threat.

We call upon all people to take an active and clear position against racism and to jointly support antifascist and antiracist initiatives and the current fights of refugees against the inhuman asylum policy.

For a society in which everybody can life good- everywhere

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