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Hungerstrike in front of the BAMF in Nurenberg

Imam-Jonas Dögüs from Rostock started a hungerstrike in front of the „Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge“ in Nürnberg/Bavaria.

After only two days of hungerstrike his asylum-case has been decided. However, the decision was unfortunately negativ.

The central aim of the hungerstrike was to get a decision at all. Therefore Jonas has finished his hungerstrike today at noon.

He will inform you soon about his next steps - this includes informations about the reasons as well why his asylum-application has been rejected.

Jonas has participated in many actions of the NoLager-Network in the last years. During the G8 he was the person who has registered the flight- and migrationrelated demonstration on Monday 4th of June in Rostock.

Jonas has escaped 8 years ago from Turkey. In Turkey he was sentenced to 15 years prison for his political activities – before his flight he was arrested and tortured several times. Until today the „Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge“ has not decided about his aylum case. Because of political and jurdical pressure the „Bundesamt“ announced last year that they would decide until the end of August 2006. However, nothing has happened since then!!!

After 8 years waiting (including three years church-asylum in Rostock!) Jonas has therefore decided to put more pressure on the authorities. His demands are clear: He asks for a fair asylum-procedure for all refugees. Secondly he demands that refugees who have been already accepted as asylum-seekers shouldn't be deported (as it happens more and more). Thirdly he demands that his aylum case should be decided as soon as possible (in the same way as all open asylum-procedures should be decided immidiately).

Of cours Jonas needs support. Therefore everybody is asked to send fax-letters from tomorrow (Tuesday) to the „Bundesamt“. HERE you find a fax letter with more detailed informations about the case of Jonas (sorry, the letter is only in german). Please send your letters to the following Fax-Number:

0911 943-1000

Local group: