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The VOICE Spendenaufruf: Leistet Euren Beitrag für die Feier der Kontinuität!

The VOICE Refugee Forum in Germany
Das Recht auf ein freies Leben in Würde für alle!
20 Jahre Flüchtlingswiderstand in Deutschland 1994 – 2014

Unterstützt die Feier unseres kontinuierlichen Engagements!
1. Oktober bis 5. Oktober 2014 in Jena

20. Jubiläum von The VOICE Refugee Forum - 20 Jahre Widerstand von Flüchtlingen in Deutschland

10/01/2014 - 10:00
10/05/2014 - 19:00
“20 Jahre sind nicht genug!” – Vereint gegen Abschiebung und soziale Ausgrenzung

The VOICE, Our VOICE, Unsere STIMME, wird immer uns gehören und kann niemals zum Schweigen gebracht werden!
Aufruf und Programm zum Download

20 Years of The VOICE Refugee Forum - 20 years Anniversary of Refugee Resistance in Germany

The VOICE, OUR VOICE will forever be OURS and can never be silenced!!!

“20 years are not enough” - Unite against Deportation and Social Exclusion

Solidarität mit den Menschen im Gaza-Streifen und Kobané!

07/24/2014 - 19:00
07/24/2014 - 23:43

Demo gegen Imperialismus, Besatzung, Nationalismus, Antisemitismus und Fundamentalismus!
Donnerstag / 24.Juli / 19 Uhr / Kottbusser Tor (Berlin-Kreuzberg)

Two months of Refugee-Camp in Hannover

Demonstration for a life in freedom and dignity for Everybody!
26th of July 2014 at 3PM
Weißekreuzplatz / Hannover

For the abolishment of racist laws!
No collaboration of germany and sudan!
For an autonomous life without isolation and control!
For a decent living, health care and freedom of movement!
In solidarity with the struggles of refugees worldwide!

Die aktuelle Situation der Flüchtlinge in Burg, Jerichower Land

Flüchtlingen in Burg wurden Wohnungen von den verantwortlichen Behörden vorgeschlagen

Flüchtlinge, die im Isolationslager in Burg leben müssen, wurden informiert, dass der Landkreis, der für ihre Unterbringung verantwortlich ist, beabsichtigt sie in Wohnungen mit 3 Zimmern und einem Gemeinschaftsraum unterzubringen. In diesen Wohnungen sollen jeweils 5 Flüchtlinge fassen.

Solidarity with the refugees in Berlin-Kreuzberg

„You can’t evict a movement!”
Solidarity with the refugee movement worldwide
Solidarity with the refugees in Berlin-Kreuzberg – challenging the real face
behind the smile of the (local) politicians

Deutsch: „Ihr könnt keine Bewegung räumen!“ - Solidarität mit den Flüchtlingen in Berlin Kreuzberg

Why our brothers and sisters are under siege by around 1000 police for more than one week and a final attack is announced to come very soon? The brutality of the police in oppressing political resistance in Germany has a long history. How far it will go this time? Why the district ruling green party implemented a state of emergency in four streets around the area where the abandoned school is based? Why nobody is allowed to move in this area? Why inhabitants, shop owners and workers have to prove their identities and get officers at their side to reach their apartment or working place? Why freedom of press is suspended and the public is blindfolded about what happens behind the fences and inside the building? Everything possible to defame and to criminalize the refugees can be presented later on. You want to echo what happened in the case of Oury Jalloh after killing him?

Paying for German Residenzflicht means legitimation of Apartheid rule

As Refugee Activists from Schwabisch Gmünd, we stand to ignore any law that disrespect our bona-fide rights and demand the full abolition of the Apartheid Residenzflicht Law in Germany.

Paying a dime for our right to freedom of movement means complementing and legitimating of racial discrimination and colonial injustice.

We the refugees from Schwabisch Gmund were racially profiled by the Police in thüringen as we travelled to participate in a conference organised by the VOICE Refugee Forum in Jena on 17th April 2014.

On this Thursday evening as we were sitting on a train that left Nurnberg for Jena, two coloured clothed men approached us as Police Officers and demanded that we present our identity documents for control.

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