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Ajaga Christopher Mbah is threatened by deportation

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Ajaga Christopher Mbah a political refugee from cameroon is presently in the deportation camp in Buren. Ajaga Christopher came to germany in 2002 and asked for political asylum because he was an active member of the southern cameroon national council (SCNC) . He had been persecuted because of his activities. He had been arrested several times for his political activities. Christopher`s life was in danger and insecured so he escape from extra legal detention. He escaped to germany, where he applied for asylum.
Christopher Ajaga asked for asylum, and this was turned down because the authorities –Bundesamt für die Anerkennung ausländischer Flüchtlinge (Bafi) didnot take his political activities into consideration: And his lawyer made an appeal and his case was sent to the court. His first court case was rejected and his lawyer filed in an application for the second court case hearing, which was successful in minden. Christopher was given a permission to stay until the court case hearing and the final decision from the court in july.
Above all the Ausländerbehörde in Rheda-Wiedenbrück used dubious methods to put massive pressure on christopher by going to the embassy of Cameroon and acquiring travel documents to facililate Christoper`s deportation before his second trial in july.
Christopher went to renew his visa and he was arrested and taken into the deportation camp.The Ausländerbehörde in Rheda-Wiedenbrück has totally refused the decision of the court stopping Christopher`s deportation. Presently Christopher is seriously sick, traumatized with severe pains and constant head ache he is hospitalised in Faundenberg.
A possible return to Cameroon would put Christopher`s life in danger, because there`s a valid warrant of arrest of political activists this year. The political situation in Cameroon has not changed since Christopher has left the country. Massive human right violations are still widespread. The dictatorial regime is using arbitary arrestations and imprisonments. Several activist of the SCNC have been arrested and tortured.
This is a call for solidarity it`s scandalous that even though the court has decided to stop Christopher`s deportation, the Ausländerbehörde still insists on his deportation.
The more the political pressure will increase on the foriegn office(Ausländerbehörde),the higher is the chance of preventing Christopher`s deportation.
That`s why we asked you to show solidarity with Christopher. Increase the political pressure by spreading information and making this case public.Take part in the fax campaign and support our demands towards the Ausländerbehörde in Aheda-wiedenbaück
Send letters and faxes to the following address.

Stop the deportation of Ajaga Chhristopher Mbah!
Stop all deportions to Cameroon!
Unlimited Residence for all Refugees!
Abolishh the Residenzpflicht and all special laws against Refugees and migrants!

The fax campaign is only the beginning.We`ll do whatever it takes to prevent the deportation of Christopher Ajaga Mbah and therefore we need any kind of support

Contact information:
The Voice refugee forum,
Schillergäßchen 5,
07545 Jena
Tel: 03641 665214, Handy:0177 3834176