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1st- 3rd of April 2005 Mini–Anti-Lager-action-Tour

For freedom of movement!!! Against inhuman asylum camps!!! In Bahnsdorf (Neu-Seeland) "Landkreis" Oberspreewald-Lautsitz.

In the so-called ” Third World ,” millions of people have died as a result of colonial violence and its consequences. Today people in these regions are still exploited and exposed to the effects of capitalist policies. Millions of people flee from wars, sexist, political or other persecutions, or due to the fact that their livelihood has been shattered. The rich capitalist countries segregate and close up themselves, their borders are toughly militarised to the extent that there is no possibility to enter without being exposed to dangers of death. Those who succeed to arrive the western countries are faced with racist attacks, controls and are put into inhuman asylum camps, detained and deported. Others struggle to survive as undocumented persons under the most precarious (labour-) conditions.

The actionday against the Lager in Bahnsdorf is organized by the Anti-Lager-network in which different groups - amongst others several selforganizations of refugees and migrants - take part. Back in 2003, we organized action days against the detention centre in Nürnberg/Fürth. In 2004, we were on the road for 17 days as Anti-Lager-Action-Tour with actions at 6 different Lagers. It was also this resistance which helped to speed up the closure of the "jungle home" Tramm in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Of the asylum seekers residing in Bahnsdorf of the jurisdiction Oberspreewald-Lautsitz, many have lived there for a number of years. Originally they had to leave their homes, towns, jobs and social environments, their kids had to leave their schools. Today, they are all forced to live in this inhuman asylum camp where they are excluded- scared- discriminated against- humiliated-isolated-ignored-dehumanised-frustrated-pressurised to leave Germany-illegalised- managed in an oppressive manner-persecuted- and are tortured psychologically.

The asylum camp is located in the middle of the forest, in a dilapidated ex-military camp sorrounded by land mines. The asylum seekers are forced to sign a document disclaiming the responsibility of the social office in case of any accident by the sorrounding mines. The asylum seekers here are concentrated in containers like commodities awaiting shipment. A grave yard and a stinking butchery being the closest neighbours.

The Ausländerbehörde in Senftenberg prolongs the stay of most of the asylum seekers only for a maximum of 6 weeks and for others, 3 days. As of the 1st of January 2005, the Ausländerbehörde does not issue any permits to go out of the jurisdiction to asylum seekers with a tolerated stay, claiming that the new law forbids. The asylum seekers in this jurisdiction have to show up for inspections, and controls on a regular basis, from time to time they are interrogated, worn out by questioning sessions, and pressured into leaving Germany. The asylum seekers in this jurisdiction are permanently under a high level of stress. The psychological pressures and the massive restrictions in their lives coupled with the strong racist and highly discriminative sentiments in Senftenberg are hard to take.

- On the occasion of the European wide second day of action for freedom of movement and the right to stay on the 2 nd of April 2005 (proposed during the European Social Forum in London), the asylum seekers of this jurisdiction alongside with the Anti-lager network, stand firm to bring to the public the inhuman and unbearable conditions under which asylum seekers in this jurisdiction are forced to live in.

- Publicly we call for the closure of this inhuman asylum camp. Every person has the right to live wherever he/she wants.

- This demonstration is a struggle to get back the dignity, a struggle against a racist legislation, the persecution through special laws that deny them the right to freedom of movement, minimise their means of existence, stigmatise them in everyday life.

We are united in solidarity in our struggles for liberation. Our resistance is against all forms of inhuman asylum camps (be it in Europe , Africa or where ever), against deportation, against social exclusion.

No inhuman asylum camps!!! Not here!!! Nor anywhere else!!!


April 1:
4.30 p.m.: Arrival in Berlin ,Gneisaustr 2a (U-Station ”Mehringdamm”)
5.30 p.m.: Documentary films: Various forms of resistance against camps in Germany, Europe and other places
7.30 p.m.: Evenning meal.
8.00 p.m.: preparation meeting (there is a limited number of bus seats available, so definetly come or send a delegate! If you can´t come for the preparation-meeting friday evening: there is a train-conection from Berlin Ostbahnhof to Bahnsdorf (adress of the refugee camp: Friedhofstr.1)

April 2:
11.3O a.m.: Arrival in Bahnsdorf
1.30 p.m.: Demonstration in Senftenberg

April 3:
Evaluation meeting, perspectives for other actions.

Jointly organised and supported by: FIB (Flüchtlingsinitiative Brandenburg), kein mensch ist illegal, no borders bremen, The Voice Refugee Forum, the Caravan for the rights of refugees and migrants, platform of refugees and migrants, alliance of struggle Berlin, AK Asyl Göttingen, womenlesbian groups and other single persons and groups etc.