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Refugee protest march to Berlin – Bus route

Saturday, September 8, 2012 - 10:00 to Thursday, September 27, 2012 - 23:43

The bus tour will start on the 8th of September in Würzburg.

The idea of the bus tour is to support the foot march that starts on the same day in Würzburg. The bus tour goes through the west and north of germany to get in touch with refugee camps that are further away from the foot route.

With the bus it will be possible for people who can not walk the way from Würzburg to Berlin to still join the protest.
A representing person of the protest tents will be in the bus from the start. On the way, more refugees have confirmed to become part of the bus tour. Every refugee who can not make the foot march of 600 kilometers but still wants to be part of the protest tent in Berlin is welcome to join.

The route of the bus tour is:

Würzburg 8.9
Frankfurt 9/10.9
Mainz/Wiesbaden 11.9
Kassel 12.9
Köln 13.9
Bonn 14.9
Düsseldorf 15/16.9.
Duisburg 17.9
Essen 18.9
Dortmund 19.9
Büren/paderborn 20.9
Bielefeld 21.9
Münster 22.9
Osnabrück 23.9
Hildesheim 24.9
Braunschweig 25.9
Magdeburg 26.9
Berlin 27.9

Everyone who wants join the bus tour / is able to support it can contact the bus support team per e-mail: or phone 0049-15223608273


Special support is needed for vehicles / minibusses / coaches between the 14th and 16th of September and after the 23rd of September.