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Report on refugees meeting on 27.05.2014 in Burg

"An action should be taken to defend ourselves and our right of existence in form of manifestation or demonstration in Burg."

We Refugees in Burg expressed our opinin on 27.05.2014 concerning how the responsible authorities in charge of refugees affaire treats us , by disscusing the necessarry crucial agenda in Burg.

After we have introduced ourselves, we went on to discusse our proposed agenda, of which we used the opportunity to hear opinion of every one us residing in Burg. We listned to each and every one of us attentivly during the meeting. This process permits us to profondly understand our fundamental problems that destroys ourlives and perspctive.

We discussed matters concerning refusal of working permit by the responsible authorites in Burg. Despit the fact that a lots of us have been residing in Burg for so many years – some more than 10 years- we are not permitted to work, we are obliged to restriction of mouvment etc.

We stressed out on the use of „cooperation“ to abuse us by the responsible authorities, where some of us are been consecutively abused by cutting our financial existence. Our „Duldung“ could only be prolonged only for 3 or 6 days.

We disscused on Deportation menances by the responsible authorities, that expose us to danger.

We stressed out on the consequences of being isolated in a precaurious refugees campe,which the achetectural situation and its geoposition make us sick, also 2-3 refugees are forced to live in one small room. This contributs to our phsycological and physical sicknesses. Many of us here in Burg became insane, some try to take sucide.

We disccused on the possibility of closing the destructive camp of Burg and to relocate us in a normal apartments, which is less expensive and could contribute to save our lives.

We made known during the meeting that the campe, which we are forced to live contains arround 250 refugees of diffrent nationalities. We confronted ourselves with daily discrimination and xenophobia. The responsible authorities made it difficult for us to be treated when we are sick, they restrict us beign treated despite the fact that we are all eligable to medical treatment.

Having disscused the above concret points, we unanimously come to a conclusion through consensus that ;

An action should be taken to defend ourselves and our right of existence in form of manifestation or demonstration in Burg.

To stop prolonging the contract of using the Isolated camp and to definitly close the camp, which destroys our lives and perspective; to relocate us to private apartments; to stop abusing us by denying us medical treatment; to stop abusing us by not permitting us to work, by restricting us resident permit; to stop deportation and abolish restriction of mouvment; to stop all forms of abuses and intimidations in todays modern world.

Struggles to defend our right are not an easy work therefore, we demand all your support in form of logistics, financial and solidarity to be able to save lives.

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