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Rally in Hamburg in memory of Khaled Bahray. Rights and Safety for Refugees!

Friday, January 30, 2015 - 13:00 to 16:19

Rally organised by African Survival in Hamburg on Friday, 30th. January 2015
Place: Reesendammbrücke/ Jungfernstieg - Time: 14 pm to 17 pm

Rights and Safety for Refugees!

Khaled Bahray was killed in Dresden on the 13th January 2015. ASUIHA e.V. expresses, in solidarity with his friends and family, our deep sadness in losing our 20 year old Eritrean brother.

The behaviour of Germany's police force in this case, as in countless past cases, will serve as a distressing reminder of our challenges as African migrants. We therefore will not grieve in silence, but loudly demand safety for all.

Why Trust the Police?

The case of Khaled shows the institutional racism of the German police- who refused to see a dead African migrant with multiple stab wounds as in any way suspicious. This kind of misconduct is not without precedent, with even two African deaths in one day at the hands of the police ttp://

OURY JAhLLOH- Burnt alive in a police cell (Dessau, 07/01/2005)

Hands and feet tied to a mattress in a police cell, Oury burnt alive after a fire broke out. The supervising police officer, busy with a phone conversation, ignored cries for help and the fire alarm. Only in later investigations was a lighter conveniently found- not during earlier searches. The charges against the two officers responsible were dropped in 2008 due to “lack of evidence”!…/oury-jalloh-bei-lebendigem-leib…/

LAYE-ALAMA CONDÉ- Tortured and killed in police custody (Bremen, 07/01/2005)

Laye-Alama was forcibly tied to a metal examination stretcher with handcuffs and cable ties as the police doctor gave Condé an emetic and water to vomit out cocaine pellets he was accused of swallowing. This mistreatment led to Condé entering into a coma from which he did not recover. His lungs ran full of water. The charges against the police doctor were dropped!

The police are not following their own rules!

And so ASUIHA e.V. remains committed to exposing and attacking this growing hegemony of institutional racism in Germany in the name of justice, in the name of equality and in the memory of those killed. EQUAL RIGHTS AND JUSTICE FOR ALL!

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