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Open Meeting in Jena: "For Refugee Safety In Suhl Camp – The place is full of threats and insecurity “

Refugee Community in Thüringen - Organize community support for the refugee struggles
Open Meeting on Tuesday, 17th of November 2015, 6 p.m., Haus auf der Mauer (Johannisplatz 26, Jena)

In the recent wave of the German-European crisis and war on refugees, refugees are organising and have been raising their voices against the living conditions in the central refugee reception camp in Suhl (see report below).

In Suhl the refugee had a strike against the horrible hygienic standards and the insufficient medical treatment in the totally overcrowded accommodation facilities, which already made their way into the press. But these are far from being the only reason for their protest. Also corruption of the official employees in their camp, the refugees' endless waiting and frustrations from not being transferred to other places as well as the overall isolation in the refugee camps are part of the scandals.

Furthermore there are threats of racist attacks and intimidation by the German neo fascists in some of the decentralized refugee camps in the suburbs in the areas like Unterwellenborn and Saalfeld.

Against all this, resistance emerges, which is now starting to connect with the refugee community in Thueringen.

On Monday, refugees will be meeting to plan a delegation to the affected refugees and camps and to continue their investigation on the general situation and their living condition in Thueringen.

On Tuesday, 17th November there will be an open meeting with interested people where we would like to discuss how we can manage to support and expand the struggle for the rights of refugees in Thueringen and the camp strike that's been started by some of them. We are refugees, non refugees and activists from Jena, Suhl, Saalfeld, Erfurt and you are welcome to join us.

Refugee's investigation from the Camp Strike in Suhl - "It is unacceptable to insult us and threaten our safety."

The time is on our side – we are organized to break the isolation of refugees in Thueringen.
As long as the authority and the people continue to ignore the injustice against the refugees here, our struggles for our dignity remain relevant and important.

We do not accept the isolation of the community by the German people and the authorities.

We unite to fight against deportation and social exclusion!

Refugees work to reclaim the community and to stay on the roots of the resistance.
Fight to break the German dominance and to gain safety and human dignity of refugees
We need the support!

Refugee Community Thueringen
The VOICE Refugee Forum

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