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Call for solidarity with Maqsud Aghayev and exposing the Foreign Office (Ausländerbehörde) in Apolda, Thüringen

Call for solidarity with Maqsud Aghayev and exposing the Foreign Office (Ausländerbehörde) Apolda, Thüringen

Come to the Court hearing Wednesday, 18th of May 2016 at 9:00 Hrs in Apolda
Amtsgericht Apolda, Jenaer Str. 8, 99510 Apolda

Mr. Maqsud Aghayev is an Azerbaijani refugee living in Germany since 2005 and is an activist of the VOICE Refugee Forum and The CARAVAN for the rights of refugees and Migrants. He has always resisted and fought against the state injustice towards the refugees; the fight for the closure of the Katzhütte refugee isolation lager in 2008 and latthe closure of another lager in Apolda (Thüringen) are some of his achievements.

Maqsud is being constantly intimidated and humiliated by the Foreign Office (Ausländerbehörde) Apolda, which has been trying actively since many years to deport him, even though that the court in Meiningen decided that Mr. Maqsud can't be deported to Azerbaijan because of his health problems and later he got the right to stay in Germany in 2010. Still, the Ausländerbehörde insisted to contact the Bundesamt BAMF in the spring of last year and asked if they can deport him. BAMF replied that he can't be deported. Nevertheless, the Ausländerbehörde refused to extend Maqsud's resident permit and decided to cause him more troubles because he is the activist that the city administration of Apolda wishes to get ride of.

Last spring the Ausländerbehörde Apolda charged Aghayev with misuse of personal document, claiming that he gave his passport to a friend so he could use it as a travel document! The employee of the ABH came to this conclusion after a short discussion in her office where he explained to her in poor German that he believes his passport was in a bag that he accidently sent with a friend to Azerbaijan and that the friend will be back in Germany in two weeks. The employee gave the impression that she understood him and asked him to sign a handwritten (by her) note. He did that thinking she only wrote what he was telling her, so he didn't read it. A month later Aghayev was surprised to receive a letter from the police department of Apolda inviting him to their office.

Aghayev was interrogated by the police in Apolda in the presence of an official translator where he answered all their questions and showed them the passport is in fact in his possession like he promised. As a result, the Erfurter prosecutor dismissed the case against Maqsud because the Ausländerbehörde failed to present valid evidence and he informed both parties of the decision.

ABH Apolda didn't like the decision of the prosecutor so they called him and expressed their anger with the decision and demanded the case be opened again. Shortly after that, the prosecution bureau responded positively to the demand, even though the Ausländerbehörde didn't present any new evidence. The following question arises: why did the prosecution bureau accept to open the case for the second time without any new evidence?!

Later, Aghayev received a letter from the Apolda court telling him to pay a fine of 200€ for document forgery, he challenged the decision and the hearing will take place on Wednesday, 18th of May 2016 in Apolda. A lawyer is working with us on the case.

Therefore we are asking everybody to show their support to Mr. Maqsud Aghayev in every possible way and all his fellow refugees in Apolda who are suffering from the intimidation and harassment of the ABH on a daily basis. Please mobilize to the above-mentioned date.

Cotact to Dr. Maqsud Agghayev, Tel.: 0176 86947415

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