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Rally against deportations to Afghanistan in Leipzig

21st of October to 24th of October, Augustusplatz, 04109 Leipzig, Deutschland

Another group of our friends are being deported to Afghanistan on 24. October from Leipzig/Halle airport. Afghanistan is a war ridden, unsafe country. Deportation of people who seek for asylum to war zones to expose them to death and letting them to be killed there, is indead nothing else than murder.

Therefore “Zendegi – Keine Abschiebung nach Afghanistan“, a campaign against all the deportations to Afghanistan, in cooperation with political activists and politicians who fight for refugees rights, decided on organizing a protest in the city of Leipzig in Saxony against deportations.

We – Zendegi campaign activists – are aware, with only a protest or a demonstration we can not stop the deportations. But we know, to make any changes to be happened, we have to rise our voices and find a way to open this dialogue in German society.

The fight against deportations is a difficult, time taking fight. On one side is German government and the growth of fascism in the society, on the other side we refugees, who have nothing but our power of unity.

The campaign, Zendegi-Keine Abschiebung nach Afghanistan, asks you to join the campaign and along side other people from other nationalities, with hope, unisono and patience, take part in the anti-deportation protest on October 21. at 14:00 o’clock.

Important points:
- The campaign, Zendegi-Keine Abschiebung nach Afghanistan, is created/formed around and is active against deportations to Afghanistan, believes no deportation should in any case take place to any country.
- The campaign is concerned with human dignity and equality of people from different nationalities or ethnicities, and is against racism, ethnic discrimination and racial slurs.

During the camp there are going to be different programs.
- Standing rally with speeches from non-citizen activists and anti-deport activists
- Different workshops with the themes on asylum and deportation
- Consultation sessions hold by asylum advisors
- Open dialogue sessions with citizens
- Open dialogue sessions with non-citizens on asylum issues

For more information on the action and the program, please check out the Facebook page of the campaign.