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Information about the strike in ZAAB Oldenburg no. 4

Information about the strike no 4,

Already one week ago the refugee strike in the reception and exit camp Blankenburg (ZAAB Oldenburg) was suspended. Now we want to describe the present situation – also referring to the token strike which took place in Bramsche last Wednesday.

At first: To say that the strike has been suspended means that the protests are going on, although at the moment there is no strike on the cantine and the 1-euro-jobs. Mainly it were three reasons which let to the suspension of the strike:

1. The strike has caused a lot of wind. There were more than 50 newspaper articles, several radio features, about eight television features (mainly in the early evening news of the NDR and Radio Bremen), several declarations of solidarity … The outcame of this were several initiatives: For example, several round-table talks (even the manager of the camp has made such a proposal), petitions and public documentation were brought on the way, the city council of Oldenburg publicly discussed the situation in the lager in Blankenburg and will do so again on the 20th of november etc. etc. In order to be able to act in these different initiatives it was necessary that all those involved had some space. Because strike and action on the one side as well as the participation in the roundtable-talks etc. on the other side were simply too much to manage.

2. The repression from the side of the management of the camp have of course left its traces: There were several (punishment-) transfers, increased deportation pressure, attempts to intimidate people etc., not least against those, who had been active in the strike. At this point it was necessary to pause and not just go on. But the people on strike have mad it very clear that this was a question of political wisdom and should not be understood as a defeat. Or in the words of one of the activists from the camp: “Only the one who has fear can be courageous”

3. And of course many people were very tired after four weeks of strike. And for more and more people it had become a solid problem to strike against the 1-euro-jobs. Because for those who are allowed to do some work, these jobs are the only regular possitiblity to get some money (let apart the 38 euro so-called pocket money), money with which one can then pay for lawyers, cigarettes, telefon cards, newspapers, internet access etc etc.

In principle we agreed that the strike can be taken up again at any time. This shows the token strike yesterday in the deportation camp Bramsche, in which about 80 inhabitants took part (look at for press release and newspaper article). At the moment it is the motto to wait and look if the management of the camps and the ministry of the interior in Hannover are willing to agree to the demands or not. If this should not be the case the strike will be taken up again in the foreseeable future. If this was the case we would again need as many and generous donations as in the past weeks!!! Once again many thanks!!!