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Sunny went to prison

Bremen, 10th December 2004, International Day of Human Rights

Our friend Sunny Omwenyeke went to prison today. At 6pm he checked into the prison in Oslebshausen, Bremen. The Guards checked his passport and then they opened the gate for him. We (Sunny and 7 people accompanying him) enterd the gate and the guards immediatedly got rude. So we had just a very short time to say good bye to our friend. Now he is inside there and we don't have any idea how he is right now. You can't just give him a call or visit as these are very complicated to arrange. What may have appeared as extraordinary vacations in the first place, going to prison for 15 days – on Christmas he comes out again, now shows its inhuman character. But Sunny is ready to face this as long as a racist law like residenzpflicht (landkreis) exists. Never would he be ready to pay a fine for having gone to Jena for participating in a refugee congress in 2000 just because Mr.Werner Pils of the Wolfsburg foreigners police (Ausländerbehörde) did not feel like letting him go there.

In the next days we will start a fax campaign and further actions to support Sunny and to fight the apartheid Residenzpflicht law before Christmas.
We will keep you informed.

What you can do to support Sunny is to write him a letter of solidarity.

His current address is:

Sunday Omwenyeke
Justizvollzugsanstalt Bremen
Sonnemannstrasse 2
28239 Bremen