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From the very beginning, we’ll like to state clearly that the views expressed here does not necessarily represent the entire Caravan Network as a we have not sought a full discussion and a decision on this. But suffice to say that this has been discussed in some groups within the network (with imputs) and therefore represents a broad line of thoughts on this issue.

Since the last couple of years, the debate on the „Autonomy of Migration“ has raged through the Left in Germany and beyond in many public discussions like a wild fire in a hot Summer. It has become „en vogue and a hot cake“ to discuss it in every sphere. Theories, suppositions and assumptions coupled with some „revelations and discoveries“ have been brought to the fore in the course of this debate. In the process, different groups have alligned with or shared understanding if not total acceptance of some lines of thoughts on the issue while others have strived to place on board what is either deliberately overlooked or ignorantly considered irrelevant in this discourse. In the midst of these varying poles stands the sometimes conflicting and or complementary positions of some refugee-migrant and anti racist groups and individuals.




How is it possible that we stand up for our principals in a society that seeks to destroy them? When the majority of the people are apathetic and prefer to look the other way so as not to feel that they themselves are somehow responsible? When breaking societal conventions means losing valuable solidarity? When racist and colonialist attitudes come not only from the mainstream of society and the government but also from the so-called progressive sectors? When practically no one else is willing to take the next step, leaving you not only alone and isolated but above all vulnerable?


Living rough in Europe's 'waiting room'

Thousands of illegal migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa are braving cold and wet nights in Moroccan forests in the hope of getting to Europe. The forests near Rahrah are only about 30 kilometres (19 miles) from Spain and when the weather is clear, the European mainland can easily be seen from the top of a hill.

But trips across the rough Mediterranean sea aboard inflatable boats are very risky. Some 4,000 migrants have drowned in the past five years trying to get into Spain.

No guarantees


universal declaration of mental rights and freedoms

We hold this truth universal declaration of mental rights and freedoms That all human beings are created different. That every human being has the right to be mentally free and independent. That every human being has the right to feel, see, hear, sense, imagine, believe or experience anything at all, in any way, at any time. That every human being has the right to behave in any way that does not harm others or break fair and just laws.


EU Deportation regimes policy

23rd January 2004 EU-Council of Ministers for Justice and Home Affairs in Dublin Cautions of UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) Ruud Lubbers PRO ASYL: The ministers are executing the agenda of restrictions unaffectedly PRO ASYL appreciates Lubbers' critical diagnosis of the asylum system's state in Europe, but not the bigger part of his proposals for a changed asylum system. Yesterday UNHCR Ruud Lubbers was addressing the EU-Council of Ministers for Justice and Home Affairs cautioning about the collapse of the asylum system especially in the ten countries joining the EU.


Anti repression solidarity support

Gaston Ebua is a selforganised political activist and human rights campaigner. He is in an independent network of political refugees and activists - The VOICE Forum - within the Caravan for the rights of refugees and Migrants. He is a representative in Berlin of The VOICE Refugee forum project. While Gaston is registered as a resident of Berlin, he is presently prohibited by the German Aliens office in Darmstadt to take his residence in Darmstadt only.



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