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The VOICE Call for Donation: Support the celebration of the continuity! 1994 – 2014

Make a donation 750 X 20€ for 20 year anniversary of The VOICE Refugee Forum for financial autonomy – no applications

“20 years are not enough” - Unite against Deportation and Social Exclusion!Donation call for financial autonomy – no applications but contribution from everybody who is part of the movement or sympathizer

The VOICE, OUR VOICE will forever be OURS and can never be silenced!!!
“20 years are not enough” - Unite against Deportation and Social Exclusion!
20 Years of The VOICE Refugee Forum - 20 years Anniversary of Refugee Resistance in Germany

750 X 20€ for 20 year anniversary of The VOICE Refugee Forum

The VOICE Refugee Forum in Germany
The right to live a free life in dignity for all

20 years Anniversary of Refugee Resistance in Germany
1994 – 2014

Call for Donation: Support the celebration of the continuity!

October 1st to October 5th 2014 in Jena

20 years of active resistance by The VOICE Refugee Forum in Germany are a proof that self-organization of the affected persons is the only alternative for the struggle of the oppressed. It is our aim to fight and end the fear and the insecurity of being a refugee here in Germany and Europe as a whole.

It has always been our aim to fight colonial injustice - substantial parts of this have been the fight to abolish the apartheid restriction of movement, the so-called “Residenzpflicht" in Germany, to break the isolation of refugees, to close the lagers and be self-organized in fighting racist discrimination and every single deportation.

Today, although some German states are still struggling to sustain their racist machinery with this apartheid law, with the struggle for refugee liberation all over Germany, the Residenzpflicht is slowly becoming history.

We have since 1995 closed down more than a quarter of the isolated lagers and advocated for normal housing in the cities within the State of Thuringia and beyond.

Our continuous experience of racist police controls and violence led us to a slogan: „control the police" as we are not ready anymore to accept discrimination and criminalization on the basis of racist profiling.

Many refugees have taken the initiative to resist and stop their deportations, which collectively developed into nationwide deportation stop campaigns and international networks on deportation stop.

Together, we are inspired to continue our struggles to expose the injustice of the nations, their participation in and making of wars and exploitation because these are the major reasons that force us to flee and migrate from our home countries.

Share your inspiration – joins – donate!

We are calling on you to share your inspiration with us. We are calling on you to celebrate with us. We are calling on you to support our celebration and the evaluation of 20 years of refugee resistance. We are calling on you to help us to develop more strategies and perspectives by supporting our five days event in Jena from 1st to 5th of October 2014.

There will be reports, discussions, conferences and cultural programs, there will be visits to refugee isolation camps, rallies in Jena and at the isolation camps, there will be visits to historical places of refugee struggle in Thuringia.

Our intention is to make our event happen without any financial aid through state related organisations or funds of political parties or NGOs’ sponsorship – a self-organized struggle needs independent funding.

Money will be needed for transportation cost: of refugee participants, visits to the lagers, invited activists from other European countries, artists, musicians, exhibitions.

We will further have to cover costs for publicity materials, documentation, office and logistic: flyers, leaflets and posters, including mobility etc.

Donate to make it possible! Organize solidarity-parties to raise independent funds

Förderverein The VOICE e.V.
Sparkasse Göttingen
Kontonummer: 127829
BLZ: 260 500 01
IBAN: DE97 2605 0001 0000 1278 29

The VOICE Refuge Forum Network
Jena | Thüringen | Berlin | Baden-Württemberg | Sachsen-Anhalt | Hamburg | Niedersachsen

What does The VOICE continuously stand for?

Fight against Social Exclusion and Isolation:
Long years of Experience in the Fight against Isolation of Refugees in Camps and Lagers |Campaigns for the Closure of Isolation Camps |Successful Closure of Refugee Camps in Germany

Fight against Deportation:
Publicity | Campaigns for single persons | Support of single persons | Campaign against the Collaboration of Embassies in Deportation Hearings | Scandalizing of Deportation as Racism and Human rights' abuse

Awareness Campaigns:
Racism | Exclusion | Discrimination | Apartheid | Isolation | Colonialism | Colonial Injustice | Criminalization | Persecution of Refugees in their Home countries and Here in Germany

Public Political Protest:
Rallies| Tours| Demonstration| Internet activism

Selforganisation of Refugees:
Meetings for networking | lager delegations | Press work | Support of refugees in their Struggles for their rights | Community Exchange | Online Network News | Support of Infrastructure | Means of Communication

Demands and Support for Self Organization:

Dokumentation | Leaflets | Brochures |Online Publishing

The VOICE Refuge Forum Network
Thüringen | Sachsen-Anhalt | Baden-Württemberg | Niedersachsen | Hamburg



Der Kampf von Flüchtlingen braucht Geld!

Die Karawane ist maßgeblich auf Spenden angewiesen. Unsere Organisation besteht überwiegend aus Flüchtlingen, die (wenn überhaupt) nur über sehr geringe finanzielle Mittel verfügen. Aus diesem Grunde haben wir 2008 den „Förderverein Karawane e. V.” gegründet. Unser Verein ist als gemeinnützig anerkannt und kann deswegen auf Wunsch Spendenquittungen ausstellen, so dass sie steuerlich absetzbar sind. Wenn bei der Überweisung die Adresse mit angegeben wird, verschicken wir die Spendenbescheinigung automatisch spätestens am Anfang des Folgejahres.

Kontakt: foerderverein(at)

Unsere Bankverbindung lautet:
Förderverein Karawane e.V.
: 40 30 780 800
GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG
BLZ: 430 609 67

IBAN: DE28430609674030780800




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