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Here you find background information on Guinea, Iran, Kurdistan, Türkei.

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This site is a drupal based site.
The text layout can be done with html but can also just include simple html tags similar as it is done in wikis.
For people that not at all familiar with html, here you find help for some commonly used text layout:

  1. bold
  2. italically
  3. underline
  4. line break
  5. paragraph/ blank line
  6. delete an article
  7. add a link
  8. create a list

  1. How can I write a text in bold?
    Below you find the command <b>. b stands for bold. If I want to highlight something in my text by making it bold, this is the command I use. One example:
    A Workshop takes place in Bremen.
    In order to make my text look like that I would have to write in my text:
    A Workshop takes place in <b>Bremen</b>
    This means that I start with <b> to write the bold text and I end with </b>. The sign "/" and the resp. HTML tag is always ending the formatting that you have just been using. The following examples are working in a similiar way.

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  2. How can I make a text look italically?
    Below you find the command <i>. i stands for italic. One example:
    A Workshop takes place in Bremen in the Paradox.
    Again I wrap the words I want to be displayed italically in the associated html tag: <i>Paradox </i>.

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  3. How can I underline a text?
    Below you find the command <u>. u stands for underline. One example:
    A Workshop takes place in Bremen in the Paradox at 10 am.
    If I want my text to be displayed like that I have to wrap the words I want to be displayed underlined in the associated html tag. <u>10 am</u>. But be carefull using underlining as a layout tool, since it may get confusing since usually on websites links are underlined. So people might get the impression you're linking in this examples "10 am".

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  4. How can I insert a line break in my text?
    In order to insert a line break in my text I just need the command <br> at the spot where I want the line to break. br stands for break. If I use <br> twice I will automatically get a blank line. This command is different from the ones described so far, since it doesn't have to be ended. It can just stand alone.

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  5. How can I add a paragraph in my tex?
    Inorder to insert a paragraph into my text I just insert the command <p> at the beginning of my paragraph and </p> at the end of the paragraph. (p stands for paragraph.) After each paragraph there will auomativally be a blank line inserted.

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  6. How can I delete an aticle?
    If my article is already published I have to click on the button "edit this article". Then the editing mode will be opened. In order to delete articles you have to scroll down to the very bottom of the page. There you will find the option "delete article". If you click this button the article will be deleted. After that you have to confirm your decision in the following window.
    If you confirm again, the article is deleted. you should in general only delete articles that you have written.

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  7. How can I add a link?
    In order to insert a link I have to use <a href>. This tag will be closed with </a>. One example: If I want to link to the D-A-S-H site the complete command looks like this:
    <a href="">Linktext, z.B. Dies ist ein Link auf die D-A-S-H Seite </a>. In the beginning it is probably easiest to just copy this link and substitute the link test and the url, so you can make sure not to forget " or = and also not to mix up the order these commands are arranged in, because then the link is so called "broken" and will not work anymore.

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  8. How do I create a list?
    There is two kinds of litst: an ordered and a unordered. The ordered list has to be started with the tag <ol> and ends with </ol>. In order to add single items to the list, I use <li>. li stands for list item.
    A unordered list has to be started with <ul> and ends with </ul>. Here you also use <li> in order to add items to the list. The <li> Tag can be closed, but this is not mandatory.

    Example ordered list:

    and this is what it looks like:

    1. birds
    2. dogs
    3. cats

    Example unordered list:

    and this is what it looks like:

    • birds
    • dogs
    • cats

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  9. How do I make a break?
    Just by inserting this: <!--break-->

Der Kampf von Flüchtlingen braucht Geld!

Die Karawane ist maßgeblich auf Spenden angewiesen. Unsere Organisation besteht überwiegend aus Flüchtlingen, die (wenn überhaupt) nur über sehr geringe finanzielle Mittel verfügen. Aus diesem Grunde haben wir 2008 den „Förderverein Karawane e. V.” gegründet. Unser Verein ist als gemeinnützig anerkannt und kann deswegen auf Wunsch Spendenquittungen ausstellen, so dass sie steuerlich absetzbar sind. Wenn bei der Überweisung die Adresse mit angegeben wird, verschicken wir die Spendenbescheinigung automatisch spätestens am Anfang des Folgejahres.

Kontakt: foerderverein(at)

Unsere Bankverbindung lautet:
Förderverein Karawane e.V.
: 40 30 780 800
GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG
BLZ: 430 609 67

IBAN: DE28430609674030780800




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