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The bomb explosion in Diyarbakir-Baglar on 12 September, on which 10 humans
live, under it 7 children around came, brought large shaking with itself.
The actual shock however developed itself, after the ‘Turkish Revenge
Brigade TIT’ to the attack well-known.

TIT had submerged after 1980, in the connection on numerous attacks. Only
2006 were shaken again Turkey/Kurdistan by actions of the TIT. The TIT left
again by the attack on the meeting of the council from 17 May 2006 and by
threatening letters to the branch Istanbul of the IHD (Human Right
Association), with the label ‘don’t forget me’ about itself to talk again.
Due to the threatening letters, which brew powders contained, fallow panic
in the branch out and 7 co-workers of the IHD had to be examined from
suspicion on spleen fire exciters in the hospital.

It was based in the student hostel

It was always a discussion topic, where the TIT, which does not have a name,
however was discoverable, was created. According to a thesis, the TIT was
created 1969 in the Political Science Faculty of the University in Ankara,
as military arm of the grey wolves. Another thesis however states that the
TIT forwards approx. 30 years in the student hostel for men in Edirnekapi,
based is.

Among the students was among other things the Minister of State Murat
Basesgioglu, that deputy chairman of the ‘Grand National Assembly of Turkey’
Sadik Yakut, the MHP member Mehmet Gül, many members of the meeting of the
council and the court of cassation yard as well as many other well-known
students. It is maintained that the ‘Turkish Revenge Brigade TIT’ was
created as answer against the revolutionary ‘Fronts of the Peoples

Despite numerous actions, attacks and assassination attempts, the members of
this mysterious organization were never seized. Neither the emblem nor the
structure of the organization like also the question, who admits itself as a
leader of this organization, was never solved.

After the military coup from 12 September the name TIT was to be hardly
still heard. Only together with the 90'er years the TIT came again on the
agenda. When 1993 the major gone into pension Cem Ersever one murders, the
newspaper Sabah receives to ‘an unknown call’. The anonymous caller states
at the telephone that Ersever was punished on the part of the TIT, because
Ersever was the murderers of Esref Bitlis. Also to the murder at the Cyprian
journalist Kutlu Adali on 6 July 1996, admitted itself the TIT.

In the connection of the assassination attempt on the chairmen of the IHD,
Akin Birdal, arrested NCO (Non-commissioned officer) Cengiz Ersever stated
in his later hearing, which was he the founder of the TIT.

After 1980 hardly still something by TIT was heard. Up to 1986, when the
Belgian parliamentarian Jack Vademeulbroucke, which provided the report in
the context of the European parliament over the Genocide on the Armenians
and over Turkey the human right report prepared Richard Balfe, on the part
of which were threatened by TIT. TIT used eight years long the method to
intimidate persons and institutions with threatening letters.

>From TIT for the first time again something became in May admits. After TIT
its first attack to 16. May 1979 commit, only again of it speak as they to
12. May 1998 a notice on the chairman the IHD Ankara, Akin Birdal, commit.
After the act, Cengiz Ersever was arrested and accused. In its statement
Ersever it confessed "the TIT of the separatists and the Kurdish Worker's
Party because of, created". Ersever, which was often active as an NCO and
with Mahmut Yildirim (pseudonym Yesil / Green) into many "unknown murders "
was complicated, gave during the court hearings the following information
about the organization to price:

“In Tunceli I was active 5 years as an NCO. I created 1996 in Istanbul the
"Turkish Revenge Brigade TIT. I am the leader of the TIT. The TIT was
created against separatist persons and institutions as well as against
Zachariah trailers. In the near of "Silivri road" I taught the TIT members
as one with weapons deals. I am an enemy of the Zachariah. I am not of the
grey wolves. I am Turkish nationalist.”

In the indictment it means that the instruction came to the assassination
attempt on Akin Birdal of "Yesil", was committed the assassination attempt
however by trailers of the TIT. While the fixed identifier of the high
functionary Semih Tufan Guelaltay numerous TIT of flags in its house was
seized. (Blue flag with the yellow wolf head)

The police protected him

After the notice on Birdal, the senior public prosecutor shank was provided
when desired with the public security court in Ankara, a secret report over
the TIT on the part of the highest police authority. The report was marked
with the signature deputy presiding ends of the highest police authority,
Ertugrul Cakir. At that time much this name none up. In the secret report it
means: "even if the TIT professes itself of the organization to the action,
became no concrete indications on the functionaries, the founder, as well as
the trailer found." In the report attacks of the TIT, which were committed
before 1980, are not mentioned again at all. Cakir was arrested on 14
February 2006 because of membership of the depressed "Sauna gang", aid at
crimes by gangs and execution by actions in the name by gangs.

Threats to the people in Kurdistan

After the attack on Akin Birdal, became only again 2003 something by TIT
admits. TIT began threatening letters at human right activists, which
addressed strong criticism to the military to send away. With the letters
much however something up: The threatening letters were sent to the private
ones and kept secret house addresses of the IHD line, which admits only of
the association department of the department was.

As the latter TIT came by the attack on the meeting of the council, with
which the judge Mustafa Yücel Özbilgin were killed and four further judges
were heavily hurt, again on the agenda. It was confirmed, which the assassin
RA Alparslan Arslan connections to Semih Tufan has, which committed the
notice on Akin Birdal.

But also after this action the Portrait of the TIT, which is designated in
the reports of the state not with names, but mentioned "only" as
"combination of terror", became not clear. All arrested from those it is
trailer or functionaries of the TIT was proceeded, however defies that, not
as a "member of a combination of terror" separates as a "member of a gang"

TIT, by which it is assumed that they would be the order killers of the
military, pointed oneself after 2004 again to Kurdistan. In Semdinli,
Yüksekova, Kiziltepe and Nusaybin handbills with TIT admitting were
distributed, in which the Kurds are heavily insulted. Renewed threatening
letters were sent to mayors of the DTP, under it also Osman Baydemir. It
much up that the TIT committed bomb attacks after handbills and threatening
letters also. Before the bomb attack on the library “Umut” in Semdinli,
which was committed on 9 November 2005, were distributed in the area
numerous TIT handbills, in which the people was threatened.



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