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declaration concerning state terror in Turkey

3.1 Solidarity with EKD (Labourer Women Association)
3.3 We will not be overwhelmed Press Release of Atilim
3.4 Press Release of Atilim from 22.09.2006
3.5 State of emergency practiced by Turkish State Press Release of ICAD
3.6 Ibrahim ciceks Letter from the Prison, September 19, 2006
3.7 Call for solidarity against repression von Alp Altinors

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Solidarity with EKD (Labourer Women Association)

The fascist Turkish State has started a brutal attack on the most dynamic forces of the public with the power of the new Anti-terror Law, enforced recently despite the public’s strong opposition. On the 7th, 8th and 21st of September co-ordinated raids were carried out in 21 provinces in Turkey. Tens of revolutionaries, journalists, writers, trade unionists and chairpersons and members of organisations, including the members and chairwoman of EKD, were arrested.
Labourer Women Association (EKD) was founded in 1993, with the decision made by 2000 women at the Women Conference. EKD has yet become a strong voice for women in working class. It struggles against gender violence and for the rights of women in working class. EKD as one of the determined women organisations has undertaken many activities and campaigned for women rights despite the pressure and attacks by the authorities.
On 21 September, hundreds of armed security forces, across the country, raided the offices of trade unions, newspapers, art and cultural foundation and a radio station. During the raid over 50 premises were ransacked, their doors and electronic equipments were smashed; many members including chairpersons, workers and visitors of the organisations were detained and later arrested. The Turkish fascist state’s unlawful raids are obviously targeting workers and women’s rights including the right to organise and freedom of expression. The raids and detentions are still being carried out. The organisations are under surveillance and people are being terrorised; detainees are denied access to lawyers.
These unlawful operations and raids, taken place across the country, remind us the days of fascist military coups. Once again, it has been clearly proven that the Turkish Anti-terror Law (TMY) is a breach of human rights including the freedom of speech, publication rights and the right to organise. Anti-terror Laws in Turkey mean the detentions of journalists, revolutionaries and socialists and terrorising the mass organisations. Anti-terror Acts allow the JITEM (Gendarmerie Intelligence and Counter Terror Unit) and Counter-guerrilla Forces to freely carry out their dirty war against people and organise lynch activities against opposition groups and persons.
It is evident that the operations carried out on the 7th, 8th and 21st of September have targeted our democratic rights. Therefore, we call upon all the democratic organisations to build struggle and raise their voice against these attacks and raids on Labourer Women. We call upon all of you to protest against the Anti-terror Law which jeopardises peoples’ democratic rights and aims to eliminate all the democratic organisations, press and socialists.



* * * * *

While Turkey continuously claims to be in the process of democratisation, on the other hand, it blows totally a state-terror in whole country. Democratic institutions are being raided, their officials are being imprisoned, massacres are being carried out by attacking demonstrations and meetings, even the children are being shot on the streets. There recorded an increase of applications to the Human Rights Association because of torture. There is now being put in force the implementations which are similar to the periods of military fascist coup d’etats and martial-laws.

In recent months, the state-terror on the democratic rights and institutions has been increased by the use of Anti-terror Law (TMY), which is considered as the Anti-Social Law by the democratic public opinion. TMY was put in force despite to the opposition of democratic mass organisations, human rights organisations, intellectuals, trade unions, workers and labourers.

At the beginning of August, Ozgur Gundem (Free Agenda) newspaper received banning for the period of 15 days while Ozgur Halk (Free People) magazine receiving 1 month.

On 12 August, a 16 years-old Fevzi Abik was shot and killed by the police in the middle of the street in Adana. Again on 5 September, an 8 years-old Mizgin Ozbek became a victim of extra-judicial killing by gendarmerie, together with two other people in Batman.

On 6 September, the police attacked with gas bombs and panzers to the anti-occupation people who were protesting in Ankara against the sending of troops to Lebanon. 61 people were detained and 16 of them are imprisoned.

On 8-12 September, 23 journalists, writers and oppositional people known by their socialist identities are imprisoned following the house raids and arrests on the streets of various cities. The Chief Editor of Socialist Alternative of the Oppressed: Atilim, Ibrahim Cicek, its Chief Coordinator Sedat Senoglu, its writers Ziya Ulusoy and Bayram Namaz, Ozgur Radio Coordinator Fusun Erdogan and well known revolutionary and socialist personalities are among those people who have been sent to prison. The Atilim newspaper, which carried the news into its pages, is banned under the pretext of Article 6 of the new TMY on 14 September.

On 12 September, the counter-guerrilla forces affiliated to the state has once more responded with massacre the Kurdish people’s call for peace by killing 10 people (7 of them were children) in Diyarbakir.

On 13 September, the offices of Ozgur Halk and Genc Bakis magazines in Istanbul Aksaray and Taksim were raided by the police. Their offices plundered; the Owner of the magazines, Suat Kolca and 4 officials are arrested and sent to prison.

The Turkish state’s operation of imprisonment on the progressives, democrats, leftists and socialists became widespread. On 21 September, the Central Office of Atilim newspaper in Istanbul and its other offices in all cities of Turkey, the Gunes Ajans, where Atilim Newspaper is technically prepared, Dayanisma newspaper, Ozgur Radio, BEKSAV (Association of Science, Aesthetic, Education and Culture), the offices of Art and Life Magazine, the offices of Socialist Platform of the Oppressed (ESP) in Istanbul-Taksim and in all other cities, associations in labourer neighbourhoods, Labourer Women’s Association (EKD) and its all branches, the general offices of Tekstil-Sen Union, Limter-Is Union, which is affiliated to DISK (Confederation of Revolutionary Workers Unions), Federation of Socialist Youth Associations and its member associations in all cities and the houses of many revolutionaries are raided by the police. The raids and human hunting on the streets have continued in the coming days and are still continuing.

As a result of the raids 130 journalists, broadcasters, unionists, woman activists, youth activists are taken into custody and 45 of them are imprisoned. The General President of Limter-Is Union, Cem Dinc and its General Secretary, Zafer Tektas, the General President of Tekstil-Sen Union, Ayse Yumli Yeter and its General Secretary Sevim Kaptan Olcmez, News Coordinator of Ozgur Radio, Halil Dinc and its official Sinan Gercek, President of Istanbul Labourer Women’s Association, Cicek Otlu, Istanbul ESP representative Figen Yuksekdag, the editor of Dayanisma newspaper, Emin Orhan, Atilim Newspaper columnist, Hasan Cosar and its officials Ozge Kelekci, Mehmet Guzel, Serdal Isik are also among the ones who have been imprisoned. Thus the number of imprisoned people reached 68. The number of journalists who are in the prison at the moment rose to 25.

There is the decision of confidentiality on the file which was made pretext for the attacks. Neither the imprisoned people nor the raided institutions nor the lawyers and the public opinion are informed about the case.

The police have even prevented the silent rally which was wanted to be organised by the Istanbul Branch of Human Rights Association on 7 October 2006, demanding “Freedom of Thought”. When the President of IHD, Hurriyet Sener said to the police: “You are violating our constitutional right, we will organise our rally”, she got the answer: “Yes, we are violating your constitutional right and we are going to prevent your rally”.

The raided institutions and the other unions, democratic mass organisations, political parties, intellectuals and writers have increased the struggle against the TMY and the detention terror. The anger over the attacks is gradually growing on the international arena too.

There has been created totally a state-terror and extra-ordinary conditions in Turkey. This is the point which the attacked institutions, the democratic people and organisations reached to and which we share also.

Through these attacks, the socialist and oppositional press wanted to be put in silence and the voice of unionists, workers and labourers, youth and women those who are struggling for their rights wanted to be shut down. The Turkish state has almost waged a war against the entire society with the new TMY. It is hunting for human in institutions, houses and on the streets. The freedom of press, freedom of action and freedom of association is being violated; the journalists and writers are being put in prison. The Kurdish nation’s call for freedom and peace is responded with violence.

However, the journalists, writers, intellectuals, human rights defenders and oppositional people of the country, where the freedom of press, freedom of action and freedom of association is being violated, have came together and are showing common resistance.

We, therefore, call on all democratic people and institutions to increase the international solidarity with the democratic institutions and people of our country. We appeal from you to protest anti-democratic practices of the Turkish state, to demand immediate release of the imprisoned people and to join in the international delegation which will go and observe the trials of the people who have been put in prison.

* * * * *
We will not be overwhelmed

26 September 2006 - Immediate attention - To the press and public opinion

The Turkish State is intensifying attacks on democratic rights in Turkey by using the Anti-Terror Law (TMY). On 12th September 20 socialists were arrested. Among them Ibrahim Cicek, the Chief Editor of Atilim: Socialist Alternative of the Oppressed newspaper, former Chief Editor Ziya Ulusoy, Coordinator Sedat Senoglu, journalist Bayram Namaz and Free Radio (Ozgur Radyo) Coordinator Fusun Erdogan. On 14th September Atilim newspaper was banned.
The Turkish State has broadened arrest operations against socialists, leftists, democrats and progressives and journalists. On 21st of September over 20 democratic institutions in 21 cities were raided by the Turkish Police accompanied by Special Forces. These included the Istanbul Central Office, provincial offices and the editorial office of Atilim Newspaper, Kadikoy office of the Free Radio, BEKSAV Cultural Centre, Taksim bureau and provincial bureaus of the Socialist Platform of the Oppressed (ESP), Mustafa Kemal District Improvement Associations, branches of the Association of Women Labourers (EKD), the Textile Worker Union (Tekstil-Sen), the offices of the Socialist Youth Association (SGD), and houses of many leftwing activists.
Another 40 have arrested including Atilim journalists, ESP representative Figen Yuksekdag; Free Radio News Editor Halil Dinc; Textile Workers Union President Ayse Yeter; Dockyard's Workers Union President Cem Dinc and General Secretary Zafer Tektas; Association of Women Labourers (EKD) president Cicek Otlu.
The Turkish State is intensifying its attacks on democratic rights and the right to freedom of speech and expression. The attacks coincide with the anniversary of the 12 September 1980 coup by the Military Junta.
This is State terror against the workers.
This is State terror against Kurds and other minorities.
This is State terror against democratic rights, democratic institutions.
This is State terror against Democratic Women movement.
This is State terror against the youth.
This is state terror against anti imperialists in Turkey and North Kurdistan.
We call on all workers, democrats, revolutionaries, progressive people and organizations to take urgent action and join the solidarity platform to defend democratic institutions, support arrested people and to stand against the terrorist attacks of Turkish State.


* * * * *
To the press and publicity

On September 8, our chief editor İbrahim Çiçek and our vice chief editor Sedat Şenoğlu were taken into custody. This has been a complot to the socialist press. On September 12, our 2 editors were imprisoned and on September 14, our newspaper has been banned for 15 days and for this, the 24st issue of our newspaper was the reason.
The 14th Assize Court, or the State Security court who changed its name but not its function, wanted to rob us our voice together with this decision. Our socialist press line was tried to be blocked by a census reminding of the time of Abdülhamit. Because of the newspaper´s protest against the attack of imprisoning two of its editors, our newspaper was closed down for 15 days. However, the decision of closing down our newspaper was based on the 6th paragraph which Ahmet Necdet Sezer, president of the new Anti-teror law, tried to cancel by the Constitutional Court.

And it didn’t last with that. Thıs injustice is reminding us of practising the state of emergency. The police stormed our office on grounds of a search allowance by the 14th Assize court on September 21.

Apart from our newspaper, the offices of the Socialist Platform of the Oppressed (ESP), the magazine “Sanat ve Hayat”, the trade-union Tekstil-Sen and Limter-İş, the youth magazine “Özgür Gençlik” and the Associstion of Labourer Women (EKD), mainly in İstanbul but also in other cities, had their stake in the attacks and the radio channel “Özgür Radyo”.

During these attacks more than 100 people were arrested, among them also our staff members. But not enough! The terror of arresting became terror of imprisoning. Since yesterday evening altogether 25 people, among them Serdal Işık, our representative in Diyarbakır, Mehmet Güzel, our correspondent in Antep and Hasan Coşar, reporter of our newspaper, have been imprisoned.

Since September 8, the number of those imprisoned because of the terror of the Anti-terror-law has risen to almost 50. Nearly 10 journalists, trade-unionists and several activists of ESP, EKD and SGD are going to appear in front of court today. Just as it happened to our chief editor İbrahim Çiçek and our vice chief editor Sedat Şenoğlu, the file of the arrested journalists, trade-unionists and revolutionaries is held open as the purpose is to produce proofs in a secret way.

Our editors and staff members have been barred from their right of defence. We protest against this anti-democratic procedure and injustice.

The state, which sent security troops to Lebenon for the safety of İsrael, obeying the IMF’s orders and letting workers, labourers, officials and peasants face a life in misery, as well as known for its attitude towards Iran following US-imperialism’s interests, arrests and imprisons socialist journalists, known in the whole country, and revolutionary and socialist opponents. This is all done under the name “terror” operation.

The state terror is growing. The aim is also to lower the voice of intellectuals by court or lynch threats. By making use of art. 301 of the Turkish Penal code (TPC) and art. 6 and 7 of the Anti-terror law, the purpose is to make journalists and intellectuals become quiet. Anybody questioning the official ideology is announced as a “patriotic traitor”.

Those who bombed the people of Şemdinli were announced as “good kids” and defended by those threatening such as “Soon we will hit them all” are attacking not only the intellectuals of our country but all forces struggling for freedom.

Worry, fear, weakness…

Here the summary of the attacks:

The anti-social law was launched. Journalists were imprisoned. Our newspaper was closed down for a special period. Our newspaper offices were stormed by the police. Revolutionaries were imprisoned Bombings were organised in Şemdinli and Diyarbakır. Children were killed. Lies. The freedom of the press was annulled on grounds of art. 301 (TPC) and art. 6 and 7 of the Anti-terror law. That’s what you are! But how far do you want to go? Will your attacks hide your worries, weakness and fear? Neither lynch attempts and new State Security Courts nor censors or the counter-guerilla bombings, but freedom will win the future.
We call upon all democratic mass organisations, intellectuals, trade-unionists and our people once again; our newspaper Atılım is not the only target of the Anti-terror law, but all social-oppositional forces and the working class and oppressed people’s freedom of speech, action and organisation. That’s why everyone has to become active.

It’s now our duty to develope a united will and the struggle against the terror law.

Here a list with the names of the arrested journalists (some of them were imprisoned later): Our staff members arrested: Özge Kelekçi, Serdal Işık, representative of our newspaper in Diyarbakır; and our correspondent Belgin Kayabaşı.

Staff members of the youth magazine “Özgür Genç” arrested staff members of the radio channel “Özgür Radyo”: Halil Dinç, Sinan Gerçek.

Furthermore, Fehmi Kılıç, who is the chief editor of the magazine “Devrimci hareket” and was visitg our office during the attacks, was arrested, too.

Socialist press can not be quietened down!
The newspaper Atılım can not be quietened down!
We demand immediate release of our arrested friends!

Newspaper ATILIM

22 September 2006

* * * * *
State of emergency practiced by Turkish State:
Police attacks on many mass institutions!

The Turkish state`s arrest attacks on the socialist newspaper Atilim and individuals who were known as socialists, which started 10 days ago, were widened all over Turkey and Northern Kurdistan. On Thursday, September 21, the police stormed concurrently the head office and many offices of the newspaper Atilim in other cities as well as various offices of the Socialist Platform of the Oppressed (ESP), the Socialist Youth Association (SGD), the trade union Limter-Is and Tekstil-Sen, the Association of Labourer Women (EKD), the institution BEKSAV, the association Sanat ve Hayat, the radio station Özgür Radyo and the houses of many people either working for these institutions or visiting them from time to time. The police devastated all places they went to and confiscated PCs, archives, letters, phone books and personal notes of the staff.
The latest attacks and arrests throughout the country remind us of the fascist coup on September 12, 1980 and the state of emergency at that time. After the military coup oppositional and socialist organisations and institutions were attacked as well, employees were taken into custody and tortured while being questioned. These latest attacks show that state terror has risen together with the introduction of the New Anti-Terror Law. On September 12, the state killed 10 people in Diyarbakir, 7 out of them were children.
According to the statements of the newspaper Atilim and the radio station Özgür Radyo, the names of the institutions only stormed in Istanbul are as following: the head office of Atilim in Istanbul and its office in Kartal, the agency Günes responsible for technical process of the newspaper, the printing house of Atilim, the institution Beksav, the Socialist Platform of the Oppressed (ESP), the Socialist Youth Association, the office of the magazine Sanat ve Hayat in Gülsuyu, the association Güzellestirme Dernegi in the quarter Mustafa Kemal, the Association of Labourer Women in the district Kartal and the trade unions Tekstil-Sen and Limter-Is.
The institutions stormed in other cities are as following:
Ankara: Socialist Platform of the Oppressed and the Association of Labourer Women
İzmir: local office of the newspaper Atilim, the trade union Tekstil Sen, the Socialist Youth Association and the cultural centre Yamanlar
İzmit: Socialist Platform of the Oppressed in Kocaeli
Denizli: representation of Teksti-Sen in Denizli
Adana: local office of the newspaper Atilim
Antep: Socialist Platform of the Oppressed, many houses were stormed
İskenderun: many houses were stormed
Diyarbakır: the newspaper Atılım`s local representation in Diyarbakır
Malatya: Socialist Platform of the Oppressed
In İskenderun, Fındıklı and Antalya, attacks and arrests took place, too, were continued and were widened to all offices of ESP and SGD all over Turkey.
More than 90 people were taken into custody and among them are a lot of delegates of 5th International Conference against Disappearances organised by ICAD together with YAKAY-DER in May in Diyarbakir.
The names of these delegates arrested are as following:
Sevim Ölçmez, who worked in the preparation office for the 5th Conference; Figen Yüksekdağ, representative of ESP; Cicek Otlu, chairwoman of the Association of Labourer Women; Cen Dinc, president of the trade union Limter-Is; Serdal Isik, Seyhan Namaz and Rıdvan Tekeş, representatives of the newspaper Atilim in Diyarbakir.
ICAD is of the opinion that these are attacks of the state against the whole social opposition. ICAD strongly condemns these attacks. The target are workers, labourers, women, young people and cultural-art institutions, the press and radio stations, etc. These attacks aim at taking away the right of organisation and information of workers, labourers, women and youth. They aim at harming human rights and freedoms.
ICAD considers the struggle against the Turkish state`s attacks of institutions and arrests of individuals as an international duty.
ICAD demands an end to the arrest attacks and the immediate release of all arrested people.
ICAD calls on all democratic institutions and individuals to send mails and fax and phone the below named places:

Abdulkadir Aksu, Interior Minster, Republic of Turkey; e-mail:
President Tayyip Erdoğan, Republic of Turkey; e-mail:
Head office of the police in İstanbul, phone: 0090 212 635 00 00

International Office

* * * * *
Ibrahim ciceks Letter from the Prison

To the Press

We wrote this statement in order announce through yours newspaper the reality about conspiracy, which was set up against us and our newspaper Atilim: Socialist Alternative of the Oppressed, and practiced injustice.
We saw the crime
Our newspaper Atilim is facing a new conspiracy. We are thinking that anti-communist powers planned and practised this conspiracy. First of all, we, as Chief Editor and Vice Chief Editor, were taken to court and arrested with the accusation “being member of terror organisation”. Immediately after that the newspaper Atilim was banned for 15 days for the reason “making propaganda of terror organisation”. This case gives obviously enough opinion about the aim and the range of prepared conspiracy.
The new anti-terror law put the revolutionary, patriotic and progressive press into the centre of target and give prosecutors directive of attack. There are no boundary of injustice and arbitrarily. The mentality of martial law is completely in action. The decision of “secrecy” for our case, which prepared against us, is a typical example of this mentality of martial law. We were deprived completely, deliberately and from the beginning of our defence right, which is opposing to the rules of constitution.
Neither us, nor our representatives have any information about “evident/evidences”, which were the reason of our arrest. Such a practice is also entirely out of law according to the international agreement, which Turkish state had signed.
Also, defending us and reporting the events were considered as reason for our newspapers banned. Where has been seen such a nonsense!? Could this irrationality to suit justice? The accusations about us have not been considered a judgment from any court yet. That is to say, we are in the suspected position. However, the court, which banned our newspaper, already declared us, as “member of terror organisation”. That is the anti-terror law in Turkey.
We have got to preview about conspiracy against our newspaper; seen that preparation and were trying to disclose it. For that reason, we are well aware, what we are facing now is not a “juristic accident”. In contrary, it is a directly and intentionally committed “juristic crime”. We are the live witnesses, who are seeing and practicing this crime.
The voice of our newspaper, which is published in direction of conception of the people’s right to know the reality and to receive true information, is wanted to be silenced by the martial law mentality, which is arrogantly hides and distorts the realities. We know from the past examples that such attacks, which is directed to the press, have been taken as a measurements, which showed the range and depth of the common aggression against right of free speech, activity and organisation. Recently such examples are increasing; the sword of anti-terror law goes up and down over the revolutionary and patriotic press and theirs activists. The raid of Özgür Halk and Genc Bakis magazines and the arrest of their 5 activists were the latest chain before us, which is signalled the direction of planned aggression.
We would like to express our believe that your newspaper will show the necessary sensitivity toward us and our newspaper or towards other examples, which will appear during this period.
We wish you every success

19 September 2006
Ibrahim Cicek, Chief Editor of Atilim: Socialist Alternative of the Oppressed
Sedat Senoglu, Vice Chief Editor of Atilim: Socialist Alternative of the Oppressed

* * * * *
Letter to journalists, writer and Journalists' Associations,
Call for solidarity against repression.

Dear friends,
Our newspaper “Atilim” is under a systematic attack of the Turkish state.
On the 8th of September, our Chief Editor, Ibrahim Cicek was taken under custody together with our Vice Chief Editor, Sedat Senoglu. Also, another journalist, radio broadcaster Fusun Erdogan was taken under custody. Prominent figures of the socialist movement in Turkey, and our writers, Ziya Ulusoy and Bayram Namaz were also taken under custody.
On the 12th of September, the Governor of Istanbul announced that these journalists and writers were arrested as a part of a large “terror” operation against the clandestine communist party, MLKP. And the court imprisoned our editors, Erdogan, Ulusoy and Namaz.
But, the case is being kept secret with a legal decision, so neither us, nor their lawyers can get any information about why our editors were arrested. There is a decision for 6 months of secrecy. This is legal base provided by the new “anti-terror” law.
Our two editors, Cicek and Senoglu, are well-known by the people and are working in our newspaper since 12 years. The claim to link them with clandestine armed organizations is just a complot.
But furthermore, on the 14th of September, the state had banned our newspaper for 15 days. The reason is the issue we had published after the imprisonment of our editors. The state, banned our newspaper, because we condemned her attack over our newspaper. This is an event, showing the borders of press freedom in our country. Also let me note that, today there is a total of 17 journalists imprisoned (the data of the Solidarity Platform with the Imprisoned Journalists-TGDP, list given below.)
The attacks against press freedom, had intensified, especially after the new terror law, which opened the way to newspaper closures, prison and financial penalties to journalists. Article 6 and 7 of this Law, had been carried to the Constitutional Court by the President A. N. Sezer. But this does not prevent the prosecutors and judges to shut down our newspaper, depending on article 6 of the new terror law.
In our country, the censor over the press is hidden by the rulers under the mask “struggle against terror”. When they shut down a newspaper, and arrest its' editors, officially this is “struggle against terror”, not violation of the press freedom.
On behalf of our newspaper, I call for international solidarity. Let us give a loud voice against this violation of press freedom, to gain the freedom of our Chief Editor and Vice Chief Editor and other imprisoned journalists. Let us stop the repression over the socialist press in Turkey.

ALP ALTINORS (Editor of Atilim Newspaper, Turkey)
Cakiraga Mahallesi, Cakiraga Camii Sokak no: 16-10 Aksaray/ISTANBUL
TEL: 0090 212 633 46 14
GSM: 0090 537 429 46 13
E-mail: varyos(at)

by 17 September 2006.

1- İbrahim Çiçek, Atılım Newspaper Chief Editor, İstanbul / Bayrampaşa Prison
2- Sedat Şenoğlu, Atılım Newspaper Vice Chief Editor, İstanbul / Bayrampaşa Prison
3- Ziya Ulusoy, Atılım Newspaper writer, İstanbul / Bayrampaşa Prison
4- Bayram Namaz, Atılım Newspaper writer, İstanbul / Bayrampaşa Prison
5-Füsun Erdoğan, Journalist and radio broadcaster, İstanbul / Paşakapı Prison
6- Suat Kolca, Özgür Halk and Genç Bakış periodicals concessionaire, İstanbul / Bayrampaşa Prison
7- Yaşar Duman, Özgür Halk and Genç Bakış, İstanbul / Bayrampaşa Prison
8- Selahaddin Sumeli, Özgür Halk and Genç Bakış, İstanbul / Bayrampaşa Kapalı Prison
9- Mahmut Bozdağ, Özgür Halk and Genç Bakış, İstanbul / Bayrampaşa Kapalı Prison
10- Memik Horuz, İşçi Köylü Newspaper Chief Editor, Bolu F Type Prison
11- Erol Zavar, Odak Periodical Owner and Director, Sincan F Type Prison
12- Hatice Duman, Atılım Newspaper Owner and Director, Gebze Special Type Prison
13- Mustafa Gök, Ekmek ve Adalet Periodical Ankara Attorney, Sincan F Type Prison
14- Evrim Dengiz, DİHA Mersin Correspondent, Mersin E Type Prison
15- Nesrin Yazar, DİHA Mersin Correspondent, Mersin E Type Prison
16- Barış Açıkel, İşçi Köylü Newspaper Owner and Director, Kandıra Number 1 F Type Prison
17- Rüştü Demirkaya, DİHA Tunceli Correspondent, Tunceli Prison

Names of the Imprisoned

8-12 September
1. İbrahim Çiçek (Chief Editor of the newspaper Atılım) - Tekirdağ 2 No’lu F Tipi Cezaevi/TEKİRDAĞ
2. Sedat Şenoğlu (Chief Coordinator of the newspaper Atılım) - Edirne 1 No’lu F Tipi Cezaevi/EDİRNE
3. Ziya Ulusoy (Ex-Chief Editor of the newspaper Atılım) - Tekirdağ 1 No’lu F Tipi Cezaevi/TEKİRDAĞ
4. Bayram Namaz (Columnist of the newspaper Atılım) - Edirne 1 No’lu F Tipi Cezaevi/EDİRNE
5. Füsun Erdoğan (Chief Coordinator of the radio Özgür Radyo) - Gebze M. Tipi Cezaevi/GEBZE
6. Erkan Salduz - Tekirdağ 1 No’lu F Tipi Cezaevi/TEKİRDAĞ
7. Turaç Solak - Tekirdağ 1 No’lu F Tipi Cezaevi/TEKİRDAĞ
8. Arif Çelebi - Tekirdağ 1 No’lu F Tipi Cezaevi/TEKİRDAĞ
9. Ali Hıdır Polat - Edirne 1 No’lu F Tipi Cezaevi/EDİRNE
10. Elif Almakça - Gebze M. Tipi Cezaevi/GEBZE
11. Hatice Bolat - Gebze M. Tipi Cezaevi/GEBZE
12. Erkan Özdemir - Tekirdağ 2 No’lu F Tipi Cezaevi/TEKİRDAĞ
13. Fatma Siner - Gebze M. Tipi Cezaevi/GEBZE
14. Mehmet Ali Polat - Edirne 1 No’lu F Tipi Cezaevi/EDİRNE
15. Hasan Ozan - Edirne 1 No’lu F Tipi Cezaevi/EDİRNE
16. Arzu Torun - Gebze M. Tipi Cezaevi/GEBZE
17. Naci Güner - Tekirdağ 2 No’lu F Tipi Cezaevi/TEKİRDAĞ
18. Sultan Ulusoy - Gebze M. Tipi Cezaevi/GEBZE
19. Serkan Gündoğdu - Tekirdağ 1 No’lu F Tipi Cezaevi/TEKİRDAĞ
20. Seyfi Polat - Tekirdağ 2 No’lu F Tipi Cezaevi/TEKİRDAĞ
21. Soner Çiçek - Tekirdağ 2 No’lu F Tipi Cezaevi/TEKİRDAĞ
22. Fethiye Ok - Gebze M. Tipi Cezaevi/GEBZE
23. Bilgi Tağaç - Gebze M. Tipi Cezaevi/GEBZE

After the raids on 21 September
24. Özge Kelekçi (Corresponsal of the newspaper Atılım) - Gebze M. Tipi Cezaevi/GEBZE
25. Figen Yüksekdağ (Representative of ESP in Istanbul) - Gebze M. Tipi Cezaevi/GEBZE
26. Ayşe Yumli Yeter (General President of the Tekstil-Sen Union) - Gebze M. Tipi Cezaevi/GEBZE
27. Çiçek Otlu (President of the Labouring Women’s Association) - Gebze M. Tipi Cezaevi/GEBZE
28. Selver Orman (ESP) - Gebze M. Tipi Cezaevi/GEBZE
29. Güneş Şenyüz (ESP) - Gebze M. Tipi Cezaevi/GEBZE
30. Özlem Cihan (ESP) - Gebze M. Tipi Cezaevi/GEBZE
31. Halil Dinç (News-director of the radio Özgür Radyo)
32. Sinan Gerçek (Corresponsal of the radio Özgür Radyo)
33. Cem Dinç (General President of the Limter-Is Union)
34. Zafer Tektaş (General Secretary of the Limter-Is Union)
35. Emin Orhan (Editor of the newspaper Dayanısma)
36. Hüseyin Umut Yakar
37. Ali Rıza Keleş
38. Yusuf Demir
39. Özcan Dilekli

40. Hasan Coşar (Columnist of the newspaper Atılım) – Sincan F Tipi Cezaevi/ANKARA
41. Semra Yalçınkaya – Sincan F Tipi Cezaevi/ANKARA

42. Arzu Mazı (ESP) – Kürkçüler E Tipi Cezaevi/ADANA
43. Diren Yıldız (EKD) –Kürkçüler E Tipi Cezaevi/ADANA

44. Arzu Önay (SGD)
45. Barış Kelleci (SGD)

46. İkram Çalı (ESP)
47. Erdal Demirhan

48. Zeliha Yıldırım (SGD) - Manisa Kapalı Cezaevi/MANİSA
49. Murat Uludoğan (SGD) - Manisa Kapalı Cezaevi/MANİSA

50. Dilek Tataş
51. Kenan Genç
52. Sevda Çağdaş
53. Songül Ökte

54. Sevim Kaptan Ölçmez (General Secretary of the Tekstil-Sen Union)
55. Sinan Tanrıverdi
56. Mehmet Güzel (Corresponsal of the newspaper Atılım)

57. Serdal Işık (Corresponsal of the newspaper Atılım)
58. Seyhan Namaz
59. Erkan Akhatun
60. Murat Mutluer
61. Alparslan Yerlikaya
62. Rıdvan Tekeş
63. İlkay Doğan
64. Canan Kılıç

65. Ali Güden
66. Erdal Gülaydın

67. Sami Koca

68. Uğur Ok