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Stuttgart State Prosecutor (Staatsanwalt) rejects Ludwigsburg court decision of acquintance for Refugee Activist Rex Osa

UPDATE: Acquintance for Osa Rex remains!
Es bleibt beim Freispruch für Osa Rex!

Fresh hearing will continue on Monday 15th Dec. - 13.45 hours, Underground floor, Room 8 at the State Court in Stuttgart - (Landesgericht - Olgastrasse 2. btw Charllottenplatz and Olgaeck)

Such cultural challenges of State manipulative attempt to criminalize legitimate resistance would have to be defended in the German Court.

Our determined resistance against institiutional racism, facism and other colonial barberei will continue without bound.

Defending our resistance in the German court serves as a medium for motivating public awareness and motivation to observe the system.

You participation in the process would mean an appreciation of our commitments, solidarity to denounce Police brutality and a combined demand for a world of equal respect and human dignity for all.

Our resistance is targeted at liberating all oppressed people including the Police themselves.

Please join us on Monday in court.