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Haliti, Shani (39), father with two children - The deportation terror in Thuringia continues! Get active and stop it!

On November 12, 2015 Shani Haliti received a letter announcing the deportation. Since then he and his children live in permanent fear of deportation to a land (Serbia) where they are confronted with death.

This is his story:
On March 25, 1999 during the Kosovo war the Serbian army came at two in the night to Urosevac in Kosovo to the house of Shani Haliti and his parents. They conscripted him forcefully by taking him right away without prior notice with themselves. Alike other Roma and Serbian men from the city he had to go within ten minutes. In the neighbourhood he lived there were no other Muslim. He and his family were the only Muslims in the quarter.

In the army he soon experienced big pressure and big fear in war. Once he was in a truck convoy towards a base. The first truck drove over a mine and exploded. Luckily Mr. Haliti was at the end in another truck. He had to clean up with others and burry the corpses.

Such work, like gathering and burying corpses was always carried out by Roma. For this type of work the Serbs usually sent the Roma.

At the beginning of his time at the military it was not important if Shani Haliti is a Muslim. But after many Sebs were killed by Albanians, the Serbs began to hate the Muslim Roma. They threatened to kill them like the Albanians. In his troupe Shani Haliti was the only Muslim and therefore confronted with hostility.

This was reason why he wanted to escape from the army, but he did not found a chance to do so. He had to stay at the army until July 1999 until the NATO troops came from Macedonia to Kosovo and intervened in the war. During this time Mr. Shani Haliti saw the the first signs of psychological problems. Later it was diagnosed as schizoaffective psychosis and suicidality.

After the intervention of NATO in the war the Serb army withdraw in July 1999 from the Kosovo. The commanders put their civil cloths on and escape with cars while the Serb soldiers were transported by trucks. The Roma were left alone. They were told that trucks would come to pick them up, but no one came. Lies were told to them and they had to survive on their own. Shani Haliti did not know where to go.

Finally, he in his Serbian uniform went back to his home. When civil Albanian saw him, they wanted to arrest, take with them, and kill. When he realized, that they want to arrest him, he had to threaten them with his weapon to defend his life. He escaped to an orthodox church. The priest hid him until the darkness. They gave him civil cloth and drove him to the Serbian border.

In Serbia he fled to Bujanovic in a Roma settlement. The Roma there told him that many Roma from Kosovo have gone to Subotica close to the Hungarian border. He went there as well. This was in summer 1999.

In Subotica he tried to find a flat and organize help. The people asked him where he is from, how he is called, and which religion he has. When he told that he is from Kosovo and he is a Muslim people denied him everything and told: “Nothing you get, you are like the UCK!”
With a lot of problems he found a room. But because of hatred between Albanians and Serbs he could not find a job. It was hard, because from the name alone you could tell who is a Muslim. That’s why he never found a job. Furthermore, he was treated badly at administration offices and doctors. No one wanted to help him, because he was a Muslim.

Directly after his arrival at Subotica end of August 1999 Mr. Haliti visited because of his psychological problems for the first time a doctor and got medication. Six month later the same doctor sent him to a psychiatrist. There he received medication and talk therapy. But this doctor as well discriminated him because of his origin and religion. He did not give him appointments and let him wait for the therapy. The medication was not good as well. They were not good and he had to pay them himself. Sometime later he could not get to the doctor anymore and he did not receive any appointment.

During this time when he was doing the therapy at the psychiatrist, he tried to kill himself many times. He cut himself and tried to hang himself as well. He told it to the psychiatrist, but he did not help him nor did he send him to a hospital. He was the only Roma in the doctor’s office. Always he felt the atmosphere of discrimination.

In 2001 Mr. Haliti met an orthodox Romnija again, that he knew from his hometown. He lived together with her and became father of his two sons.

His situation improved a little but still, when his child cried, he always heard the cries from the war and had to leave the house, because he felt stressed and aggressive. Only outside he could calm himself.

The family lived together, in a bigger flat with the mother. This was possible because she was orthodox. The children took over the name of the mother to not be confronted with the hatred against Muslims. Mr. Haliti experienced the hatred twice, once because of being a Roma, second because being a Muslim.

Both sons went to the same school in Subotica. There they were beaten by other children. Shani Haliti complained at the school and stated that this should not continue. Because of this a meeting with the parents was organised in October 2013. The parents of the Serb children that had beaten up his sons were there as well. After the meeting outside of the school the same parents told to Mr. Shani Haliti: “What are you looking for here? This is not your land!” They threatened to kill the family when they do not go and leave the city, because they are Roma and he is a Muslim. Mr. Haliti threatened them to file a charge against them at the police. They responded: “Do it. It does not help you. This is our police, they are our friends.“

He filed immediately a charge at the police. They did nothing. Six Serbs attacked him on November 25, 2013 and beat him up. The threats got stronger. After the attack they threatened to kill the entire family: “If you do not go, we will kill the whole family!“ On the wall of his house they sprayed: “Kill the Albans!”

After these incidents the mother of his children separated from him and the children. A court decision exist that gives him the right to care for the children. At the same time it was clear that they can not continue to stay there. They were not safe anymore. Mr. Haliti asked the mother of the children to stay with them, because of the children. At the same time he did not want that something happens to her when she escapes.

Confronted with death and full of fear the entire family fled on November 28, 2013 to Germany. They were neither safe in Kosovo nor in Serbia. In both countries they were confronted with death. Here, they passed many reception centers. The mother came as well to Germany. In December 2013 she went with a transfer to somewhere else. In the same month Mr. Haliti and his two sons were allocated to Eisenberg.

On March 3, 2014 Mr. Haliti and his sons came to Erfurt. Their asylum application was rejected in July 2014. Mr. Haliti appealed against the rejection. This appeal was rejected as well by the court in Gera. To be not deported by the police he had to sign that he would voluntarily leave the country (German: freiwillige Ausreise). On October 24, 2014 he had to go back to Serbia from Germany. He went to Subotica to the former flat.

From November 3, 2014 the children had to go to school again. Mr. Haliti had hoped that the threats would not continue. But they started again. The children were beaten up every day by others. When the children complained and told it to the teachers, they downplayed it and told them that it is not as bad.

On January 27, 2015 the parents of the children came to their home. They rang the bell and shouted: “We know, that you are there. Why don’t you come out? You do not come out, because you are guilty!”

And then they called the police and told them, that he has weapons at home and plans an act of terror. Around 8 p.m. a special force unit came to his flat. They told him that they were informed that he has brought weapons from Kosovo with himself. He asked them where from the information is. The parents of the Serb children stated: “You told us!” He objected. The police told him that he is not allow to pose questions but only answer the questions posed by the police.

The police shouted at him and directed the weapons at his head. They told him: “You do not need to explain anything here! We will take you to the police and there you can explain while we beat you!” The children were in the other room and heard everything. The police brought them to the courtyard to search the flat. Thereafter the children were brought back to the flat and left alone there.

At the police station Mr. Haliti was brought to the basement, were the interrogations were held. They kept him there between 10 and 12 p.m., beat him up and threatened him. Tell the truth or we kill you. He told them: “You could kill me now, you have that in you hands but I do not want to hold such thing in my hands!”

Because they did not find anything in the flat, after two hours they let him free. They told him, that on the next day the children have to go to school again, and that he has to report at the police at 7 a.m..

When Mr. Haliti was at home again, he gathered his friends and told them what has happened. They told him, that they can not help him: We cannot help you, because we do not want to have trouble with the police.” He asked them for advice, what he could do. They proposed to organise a little bus and a driver to bring him away from there. They told him, this is the only chance, to get away as fast as possible from the place.

He said, that he has no money for that. The friends told him that it is not possible without money. It is dangerous for them as well, because after 7 a.m. the police will start to look after him and hence they will be in danger as well.

He woke up the children in the same night. They had to walk to the motorway, because the driver did not want to wait in front of the door. The children had big fear that someone would persecute them. But everything went well. They met the driver at the motorway and he drove to Germany.

When they arrived in Germany, the driver let them out, but took away their passports, because they had to give money to him. On January 28, 2015 they again arrived in Erfurt.

On January 30, 2015 they registered in the Erfurt Foreign Office and Mr. Haliti applied asylum for the second time. He did not understand the answer but only received an address for a flat in Hans-Seiler-Straße and a Duldung (tolerated residence permit). A date for an interview he did not receive.

In March 2015 he received a letter. He was requested to leave Germany again voluntarily. He rejected, because he did not have a safe place for him and his children.

In August 2015 he was requested in a written form to get the passports. But he is not able to get the passports, because he can get the passports after he has paid the money for the travel.

On November 12, 2015 he received a letter with the announcement for deportation. Since then he and his children live in permanent fear from deportation to a land (Serbia), where they are threatened by death.

Due to his psychological problems Mr. Haliti is being treated actually. He receives various medication that he has to take every day. In Germany Mr. Haliti’s psychological situation is better than before. Stress is very bad for him. The deportation threat and the insecurity about his situation result to phases, in which his psychological situation is very bad. Then he is depressive. Has suicidal thoughts and in the evenings he sees again the pictures of the war. Then he cannot sleep and is permanently tired.

Mr. Haliti is always there for his two children and takes care of them, as good as he can. It is important for him, that his children finish the school successfully here. In Serbia this is not possible for them. They do not have any kind of support but only discrimination and exclusion.

Since his first stay in Germany Mr. Haliti is an activist of the Roma Thuringia and is supported by other Roma when visiting the officials, doctors, or lawyers. Apart from that he represents Roma Thuringia in public, e.g. for the registration of demonstrations or in front of the press. In this context he works as well with the radio F.R.E.I.. Furthermore he is active in the cooperation with other refugee organisations like THE VOICE Refugee Forum.

Roma Community Thuringen, Erfurt

The VOICE Refugee Forum (Community Network)

Deportation Is Criminal......

We can NOT live to tolerate the fascist deportation tradition of the political class in Thueringen. Deportation is criminal, therefore it is an organized terror by the corrupted society.
Power to the people!
I am empowered by the continuous protest to expose the political monsters of the German isolationist parliamentarians.
In solidarity, we remain.
osaren Igbinoba, The VOICE Refugee Forum

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