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About Us

The Caravan-for the Rights of refugees and Migrants is a network of individuals, groups and organizations of refugees, migrants and Germans based on anti-imperialism and antiracism. We are engaged in the struggle for socio-political justice, equality and respect for the fundamental human rights of everyone. Read also the complete Self description Paper or download it(pdf). The caravan consists of different local groups and organisations. You're welcome to join or contact any of the local groups or organisations below. Contact Information: Please note that in all the email addresses on this site the "@" sign is written " at " for spam protection. You can contact people responsible for this site: caravan at Local Groups and Organizations:

Bielfeld C/O IBZ Friedenshaus Teuteburger Str. 106 33607 Bielefeld E-mail: carabielefeld at Bremen Bernhardstr. 10-12 28203 Bremen 0421-7901309 E-mail: Karawane_Bremen at Hamburg Brigittenstr. 5 20359 Hamburg 040-43189037 E-mail: free2move at Jena ( The VOICE Refugee Forum, Schillergäschen 5, 07745 Jena,Thueringen, Tel.: 0049 (0)3641 665214, E-mail: voice_mail at München ( Karawane München c/o EineWeltHaus Schwanthalerstr. 80 80336 München Email: caravane-munich at Nürnberg KARAWANE NRW (Wuppertal/Düsseldorf) C/o AZ Wuppertal Markomannstr. 3 42105 Wuppertal Email: wuppkarawane at Osnabrück Karawane Osnabrück c/o AZ Wagenplatz Fürstenauer Weg 70 49090 Osnabrück Email: Karawanegruppe-os at open meeting every Monday 5pm the Caravan fot the Rights of Refugees and Migrants is funded by: Bewegungsstiftung
IMPRESSUM: The Caravan for the rights of refugees and migrants Bernhardstr. 12 28203 Bremen