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CARAVAN tour 2007


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# # # call for the CARAVAN tour from mai 19 to june 4, 2007 # # #
+ + + contact: 0160 27 4242 4 + + +

we are here, because you destroy our countries
solidarity against deportation
for a world without exploitation, oppression and wars

Nine years after the first caravan tour we call everyone for the third time to unite, stand up in solidarity with us against the system of exclusion, oppression and deportation in Germany. This time the Caravan tour takes place shortly before the meeting of the Group of Eight countrıes in Heiligendamm, Germany.

When most of us: migrants; including refugees and migrants left our destroyed countries, we did not leave as free women and men. We were forced to leave by the unbearable and inhuman conditions that have been imposed on us there. Some people have acknowledged these conditions in various forms as hunger, wars, poverty, dictatorship and so on which has its root in the systems of exploitation, injustice and perpetual subjugation and eternal dehumanisation that have become the hallmarks of the world order that the imperialists G8 (the leading capital monopolists backed up by their states or governments) are imposing on us.

The wealth of the so-called rich countries of the North, especially the “Group of 8”, the Greedy 8, accrue from the massive and inhuman exploitation and colonization of our countries. At the same time the governments are building borders and electric fences to ward-off the ”unwelcomed and unwanted” from the countries they have so shamelessly and brazenly exploited.

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In their xenophobia or frenzy of controlling our movements, they are militarising their borders with the deadly effects of their soldiers and police shooting and killing innocent people as witnessed in Ceuta and Melilla. Not to mention police shooting and killings of blacks and other migrants in Germany. Nor the detention camps in the Canary Islands, Spain, Italy amongst others, of ‘Boat people’ who were lucky to survived the ordeals of the high seas. Of course not forgetting the construction of the United States–Mexico border like the European outside borders which are acts of murder.

The Russian Government abuse of fundamental human rights like its G8 counterparts and its war of aggression against breakaway Chechnya, are all too obvious indicators of arrogance, and irresponsibilities .This war is said to be part of the so-called war against terrorism, like the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq that the G8 states are executing.

These wars are all as well consequences of the competition between these states them- selves. In the name of the international fight against terrorism, wars of aggression and occupation are justified and in course of this, people flee from the destroyed countries to safe countries where they are excluded and deported.

While Europe is taking extra-ordinary steps to impede our will to cross its borders, European governments and the USA are crossing borders to exert their control in our home countries, destroying the very means of our livelihood. They export arms and ammunitions, prop and support dictatorships in our countries, and here in Europe, persecute and deport those who fight against these injustices.

We are justified to say that the precursors of deportation are imperialism and capitalism. Deportation is an abuse of human right, an injustice perpetrated by the sadistic exploiters against the exploited who are hunted and slammed into the ”Lager system” to face the deportation machinery with its weapons of manipulation, mind-bending, sexual abuses, exploitation, family separations and what have you.

We as the Caravan for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants with other refugee and migrant self-organisations such as The VOICE, SPI and AGIF, have been able to show in our daily struggles for basic rights that unity of people from different continents and backgrounds is possible.

From Manilla to Diyarbakir, from Lome to Palestine, from Tehran to Bremen and Colombo to Berlin, we have been able to unite our common struggles because only an international dimension can strengthen our demands for freedom of movement, right to stay and above all our human dignity.

With this tour we express our freedom and overcome the internal borders imposed on us by the German government through the Residence Obligation Law against refugees (more about Residenzpflicht on The VOICE Refugee Forum).

We have involuntarily fled our countries, we have migrated,
and many, many more will follow suit.
Whoever has taken or will take these steps must know
that freedom is not a gift
but must be fought for, to be attained.
We are prepared to take this course to attain
our freedom for the space of our freedom today,
is the space of our common struggle.
Everyday and everywhere, with our deeds
and our pens we fight,
with our voices we say loud and clear:

We are here because you destroy our Countries!

Freedom of movement for all!

Stop all deportations!

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The Caravan for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants invites you to participate in the 2007 Tour with us. We will be travelling through Germany for two weeks (May 19 to June 4,2007) before the G8 Summit. The Tour will begin in Neuburg close to Munich and will end in Rostock close to Heiligendamm, where the Summit will take place. This is how we want to show the connection between migration and the destruction of the home countries of refugees and migrants by the G8 States. we will focus on the countries of origin at every station of the tour. We also want to draw public attention to the awful situation of deportations and camps in Germany and Europe as a whole. The Tour is organised by refugee and migrant selforganizations in cooperation with the NoLager Network and other antiracist groups.

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Donations to:
The Voice e.V. Göttingen
Kontonummer: 127829 | Bankleitzahl: 26050001 | Sparkasse Göttingen.
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+ + + + + tour dates + + + + +

Mai 19 to 20 - Neuburg, Bayern
demonstration in defence of the rights of iraqi refugees | opening of CARAVAN tour | Public Hearing on the resistance against the Lager system and racist special laws | decentral actions | solidarity party at the Lager

Mai 21 - Nürnberg & Jena
demonstration and action against the policy of the Federal Office for Flight and Migration (BFMI) | conference „No compromise with deportation! Racism kills!“

Mai 22 - Jena & Freibessingen
continue of conference | solidarity action in Freibessingen (Thüringen)

Mai 23 - Frankfurt
Public Conference in the City Centre of Frankfurt at Main | Jam Session

Mai 24 - Düsseldorf
conference „United against deportation, exclusion and worldwide exploitation“ | Demonstration in front of the ZAB an in the city centre of Düsseldorf

Mai 25 - Dortmund, Büren
manifestation in remembrance of Dominique Koumadio, killed by the police in Dortmund on April 14, 2006
demonstration in front of the deportation prison Büren | classical concert with the music group Lebenslaute

Mai 26 - Bramsche
demonstration against the deportation lager in Bramsche | open microphone for refugees | action for children

Mai 27 - Bremen
manifestation at the Hauptbahnhof | conference with migrants self organizations

Mai 28 - Oldenburg
action at the deportation lager Blankenburg | demonstration in the city centre of Oldenburg

Mai 29 - 30 Hamburg & Horst
actions against the praxis of the Ausländerbehörde Hamburg
manifestation in front of the lager Horst | cultural festival in Hamburg

Mai 31 - Schwerin
action vs. the refugee policy and the lager system in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern | Demo against the interior ministry

Juni 1 - Berlin
demonstration with the Youth without Borders against the newly planned foreigners law by the interior ministers | action against police brutality in remembrance of Oury Jalloh burnt alive in a police cell in Dessau

Juni 2 bis 4 - Rostock & Heiligendamm
Resistance against the G8-Summit | international action day for global freedom of movement and equal rights | final discussion and reflection | actions focusing on flight and migrants

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# # # detailled descriptıon of the tour stations # # #

May 21, 2007 - Jena, Thüringen

Aufruf deutsch, Call in English

18.00 - Welcoming of the Caravan at Schillergässchen 5 in Jena
20:00 - „No Compromise with deportations – Racism kills!“, Conference
Podium discussion with the Caravan activists on mass deportation and the stay right propaganda of the IMK- Internal Ministers’ Conference in Germany
Place: Friedrich-Schiller-Universität, Ernst-Abbe-Platz/Carl-Zeiss-Str. 3

21:00 - Cultural Night - Live Band Music and DJs
Place: CALEIDOSPHERES Jena - Westbahnhof Gleis2/Ladestrasse 3

The VOICE Refugee Forum Jena
Schillergässchen 5, 07745 Jena
Tel.: ++49 (0) 3641 - 6652 14
Mobile/Handy: ++49 (0) 176 24568988
Fax: ++49 (0) 3641 - 420 270

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May 22, 2007 Jena/Freienbessingen

Fax campaign for the closure of the lager Freienbessingen

09:00 to 11:00 - Continuation of the discussion in Schillergässchen 5, Jena.
12:00 - Manifestation at Holzmarkt, Jena
15:00h - Departure from Jena to Freienbessingen – Sonderhausen
16:00 - Manifestation with speaker’s corner and live
concert in Freibessingen

The VOICE Refugee Forum Jena
Schillergässchen 5, 07745 Jena
Tel.: ++49 (0) 3641 - 6652 14
Mobile/Handy: ++49 (0) 176 24568988
Fax: ++49 (0) 3641 - 420 270

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May 23, 2007 Frankfurt at the Main river

12:00 - Welcome manifestation of the Caravan at the Konstablerwache
Opening of the Exhibition "Agrar production and militarisation"

15:00 talk no. 1: Exploitation and Wars
17:00 talk no. 2: Work and precarization
19:00 talk no. 3: Deportation, Airport exclusions and resistance

Besides the activists from the Caravan for the rights of refugees and migrants active members of the workers unions, antiracist initiatives and antimilitarists groups are invited.

21:00 Jam-Session
United against racism, wars, and deportation

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24.Mai.2007 Düsseldorf

10:00 Uhr at ZAKK, Fichtenstr. 40, Düsseldorf route description
United against deportation, exclusion and worldwide exploitation

Presentation of the political positions of the Caravan for the rights of refugees and migrants and other migrants self organizations from North-Rhine Westphalia with the aim to built the basis for continous local cooperation.