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Call for anti-lager tour

Plakat/ Anti Action Lager tour 2004

For Freedom of Movement - Anti-Lager
action tour against deportation and exclusion

20 August – 5 September 2004

Bramsche-Berlin-Eisenhüttenstadt-Halberstadt-Hannover-Neuss-Parchim/Tramm...these are some of the names on the map of non-places, places of exclusion for those who are supposed to stay OUT even inside this country.

Abschiebeknäste-Abschiebelager-Aufnahmelager-Ausreisezentren-Containerlager- Gemeinschaftsunterkünfte-Flüchtlingswohnheime-ZASTen... this is the alphabet of refugee camps in Germany.

to exclude-to scare off- to discriminate-to humiliate–to lock up-to isolate-to ignore-to illegalise-to manage to oppress-to persecute-to rape-to chase down-to coop up... This is the declination of the deprivation of rights of all those who have to live in refugee camps, here and next door.

Ever since there have been refugee camps in Germany, people have been struggling everyday against living in the camps: against the inhumane conditions under which they are forced to live, isolated deep in the forests, in former military bases, in industrial areas, and in container ships. Their struggle at those non-places is a struggle to get back their dignity and the right of self-determination, a struggle against a racist legislation, against the persecution through special laws that deny them the right to freedom of movement, minimise their means of existence, stigmatise them in everyday life, and deny them medical treatment. A struggle against such living conditions that makes you go mad and feel small. In German deportation prisons, refugee camps and refugee lodgings, more people commit suicide than in any other European country.

Our campaign against all forms of refugee camps is a struggle against borders. To divide and classify us, to isolate us, to make us accessible, easy to control, and usable. We will not participate in this classification and exclusion of human beings, nor in this separation of societies and the world into zones of poverty and wealth, into those with access to rights and those without rights, into zones of war and of a false peace. We will fight to undermine the foundations of the current relationships of domination, of the fences around the refugee camps, and of the visible and invisible borders of those areas, and we want to share our knowledge and our experiences of resistance.

We are united in solidarity in our struggles for liberation. Our autonomy is our self-organisation, our solidarity and our right to move freely that we claim for ourselves. Our resistance is against all forms of refugee camps, against deportation, against social exclusion and against migration control.
No isolation camps for refugees - not here, nor anywhere!

Isolation camps for refugees – everywhere in this country, there are places that cannot be found on any map.
We want to draw new maps. Maps of resistance
to attack the visible fences and walls, to tear them down loudly
or sail around them quietly, to hollow them out, undermine them, and take what we need.
The loud and soft “NOs” of our everyday resistance,
The loud and determined NO – NEIN! Lager – Anti-Lager

We demand the closing down of all camps: deportation prisons, deportation camps and mass collection camps. And we demand the abolition of the Law of Residenzpflicht!
Every person has the right to live wherever she or he wants to!

Plakat/ Anti Action Lager tour 2004
Plakat/ Anti Action Lager tour 2004
Plakat/ Anti Action Lager tour 2004