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A report of the Caravan tour 2007

A short report of the Caravan tour 2007

The caravan tour 2007 was carrying a special flag in its first lines: A picture of Oury Jalloh. A few hours after Ourys arrest with a broken face in two points, he was burnt to death in police custody in Dessau/Germany. The story of Oury Jalloh in many ways is an intensive expression of what happening to refugees in Germany and other western countries.

Once more, after visiting many refugees campus and talking with refugees, again we found out that no body has come here according to his or her will. All had escaped a brutal life in his or her home land. Escaped from countries where are running by puppet regimes of big powers. The regimes who essentially to protect the interest of big capitalist powers use all their police and military forces to suppress the people of third world. And here the refugees in spite of their expectation are forced to habit in remote areas and live under isolation, racism, social exclusion and open exploitation.

After each stop, in spite of Residenzflicht, as a sign of protest and anger some refugees accompanying us till some next cities. Only in Buren nobody can join us. Buren is a prison for refugees whom are sentenced for deportation. It is a place where refugees must at least 9 months stay in it and work like a slave to produce goods for companies like IKA. Even here the cry of refugees for freedom combined with our souls and inspired us in our struggles.
Our tour was a preparation trawl to join the protesting struggles in Rostock against G8. We have mobilized ourselves to present there as the alive documents of criminal nature of G8. The very presence of us in Rostock was a clear document against the fraud claims of these powers about their democracy and freedom in the world.

We went to Rostock to join the people who believe another world is possible. For us a world with out capitalism is a proper and desired world to live in it. And in fact in different campus that was build in Rostock to be the bases for struggle against G8 one could see and touch the signs of such a world.

In Rostock we like the others had many reasons to hate G8:
Hate them because of colonial wars, plundering the wealth of the third world and over exploitation of the people of third world;
Hate of them because of the poppet regimes that they have created and supporting so strongly to suppress the people and protect their interests;
Hate of them because they pretend exclusively that not the people but the fanatic bandits like Islamic Republic of Iran or Alghaede or x Ayatolah, are the symbols of resistance. This is a shameless lie… We say no, only because of their anti-women character these reactionaries are our enemies - most of our people are against these reactionaries – and we don’t let these dinosaurs in our name and under the excuse of resistance, continue their criminal acts. For us as refugees, international solidarity with the people of west or generally the people of the world means fighting to overthrow our reactionary regimes which includes struggle against the ruling Imperialism in our countries, or in fact it means struggle to overthrow the State of reactionary classes who are ruling our countries, and supporting the same struggle all over the world. If it is just for you to fight against your reactionary regimes, it is also just for us to fight against our reactionary regimes. Only in this way we can shout together:
Long live International Solidarity!