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Free Kemal Kutan!

The Call to extradite Kemal Kutan to Turkish State must be stopped and he must be released immediately!

To The Public and Press

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Kemal Kutan was taken under custody by German police while he was traveling in Stuttgart-Donausingen train on October 29, 2007. He was arrested due to a “search warrant on red bulletin” based on phoney claims of fascist Türkish state. Kemal Kutan is a revolutionary that lived through tortoruous and brutal detentions of September 12 military fascist coup and long period of captivity. He is a target of fascist Turkish state and its bloody handed executioners because of his political opinions and politically activist identity. Based on unfounded claims of the fascist Türkish state and given the reason of “search with red bulletin” the arrest carried out by the German officials is a continuation of the recent increased attacks against the rights and freedoms of political asylum seekers in Comrade Kemal Kutan’s person. Just in the recent past Yusuf Karaca, Süleyman Şahin, Zeynep Yeşil, Ömer Berber, Muzaffer Ayata, Erdoğan Elmas, Veysel Çınar, Mehmet Eşiyok, Binali Soydan were taken under custody upon extradition requests while the arrest of Binali Yıldırım still continues. Today Kemal Kutan is under custody due to request to be extradited back to Turkey.

The “search with red bulletin” is another way that the fascist Turkish state established and continuing its existance for 84 years upon oppression, exploitation, denial and massacre of other nationalities minorities carries out its attacks against progressives, intellectuals, revolutionaries and communists who stands in opposition to and struggles against these inhumane treatments. Taking a revolutionary under custody based on claims and demands of fascist Turkish state means providing support to this anti-democratic, oppressive and atrocious environment in Turkey. The attacks carried out against progressives, revolutionaries, democrats and intellectuals of Kurdish, Turkish and other nationalities by many member states of European Union and specially the German state in collobration with and providing support to these policies of the Turkish state is true nature imperialism.

We call upon all the revolutionary, democratic and progressive forces to take an immediate and active stand and to mobilize in opposition to the state of confinement of Kemal Kutan in order to extradite and hand him over to the bloody handed executioners of fascist Turkish state. We call upon all these forces to actively mobilize in solidarity with Kemal Kutan, to participate in all actions and to raise the struggle against the attacks to the rights and freedoms of all political asylum seekers with an international consciousness.

The Extradition of Kemal Kutan must be stopped and He must be Released İmmediately!

No to Detentions, Extraditions and Deportations!

Solidarity Committee with Kemal Kutan

November 11, 2007