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Short report on the day of the hearing of Claudia Omoroghomwan

Karawane Nürnberg
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Short report on the day of the hearing of Claudia Omoroghomwan in the family court in Plauen on Tuesday, 21.10.08.
Fax campaign to support the family

In the building of the court were except of Claudia, the children Sophia, Sandra, Sonia and Dammiana, the lawyer, from the youth welfare departement the guardian Mr. Winkelmann and Mrs. Rudolph, an external interpreter and the judge also about 12 friends from Berlin, Hamburg, Dessau, Hof/Jena and Nürnberg. All the time some policemen/women in civil were sitting around nearby, later up to 12 were standing a few meters away from us and the children.

The hearing (which is generally not official) about the petition of the youth welfare departement, that the kids have to get back in the children's home and about the petition of the lawyer, that they can stay with their Mum, lasted more than 6 hours.

From the outset it has been decided, that the kids (firstly) have to go back to the children's home in Markneukirchen, because the youth welfare departement has got the guardianship and so is allowed to appoint, where the kids stay.

To prove that Claudia and the kids could live together in a „normal“ kind of way (with school,...) and safely and so on, the lawyer need(ed) adresses, where they could stay right now.

So that the kids are allowed to stay with their Mum, friends gave the court an adress from other friends in the Vogtlandkreis, who would offer a flat.

This flat was refused by the youth welfare departement with the reasons, that the kids couldn't got to the „integration class“ of the school they are going to in the moment, because the flat is in another town.

Furthermore the flat would have to be examined by the youth welfare departement, if it's appropriate (how big, furniture, electricity, water!) or not, which would last at least 2 weeks.

The judge then firstly made the proposal, that the kids could stay this week with their Mum, but then they would have to go back to the children's home in Markneukirchen, because the school starts again (now there are holidays) next week - until the youth welfare departement would have checked the flat.

This was refused by the youth welfare departement and Claudia. By then the lawyer told us, that the judge had allowed, that the kids got transported back to Markneukirchen by force, if they refused to go. Not by the policemen/women in civil, but by a special task force.

After Claudia and the youth welfare departement the 3 Kids have been consulted one by one by the judge – even so their opinion and their will does not count in general in the german law. They pointed out, that they don't want to go back in any case, but that they want to stay with their Mum.

Afterwards the court made 3 „proposals“ to the family one after another, perhaps they wanted to prevent the police brutality in front of this public.

At the same time they made a lot of promises to the family, especially to the kids, like that the youth welfare departement would do it's best and hurry up etc. After every refused proposal, which the lawyer made to the family in front of us, she, the judge and Mr. Winkelmann and Mrs. Rudolph talked again and made a new try.

The „proposals“:

  1. The children go back to the children's home in Markneukirchen for about 2 weeks with „better“ conditions (more phone calls and visits). --- great horror and disbelief from the kids and a definite NO! Direct quote Sandra/Sophia: „I prefer to sleep on the street or in the bush“, Sandra: „ I can't put a foot in there anymore“
  2. They go back to the children's home in Treuen – that one, where they have been fetched brutally by the police and brought back to Posseck in the Lager!! ---- great astonishment and a definite NO!
  3. and according to the lawyer the last one:
    They go back with Claudia to Posseck „for a few weeks“ until everything is clear --- first reaction of the family: at least together, so OK.

But then there were long and loud discussions, this time together with the kids in the courtroom. They didn't want to go back to Posseck, from where they've already fled. Anyhow it was arranged, that they get there transported with the lawyer and the youth welfare departement together with their Mum. The policemen/women in civil left the building to follow them by car.

The kids kept on protesting („ I don't want to go, please Mama“....) and were crying for a long time, also outside of the building, until they finally capitulated and let themselves land to Posseck.

Claudia and most of all the children feel very dismissed and that noone understands them.
The children are very confused all the time and very disappointed about the conclusion of this day.

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