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Salomon Wantchoucou: Stop further intimidations of the refugee Activist and Speaker of the Refugee Initiative in Möhlau -lager

Landkreis Wittenberg, Sachsen-Anhalt

We protest the Mobile Deportation / Identification Hearing that is taking place on the 10th of June 2009 in the refugee lager in Halberstadt, Sachsen-Anhalt and In solidarity with the Speaker of the Möhlau Refugee Initiative, Mr. Salomon Wantchoucou in his protest against his 4th deportation - Identification hearing in Halberstadt.

We shall not keep quite and watch the German authorities humiliate Humans in silence instead of staying in solidarity with those asylum seekers and refugees who need protection in Germany.

Refugees in Möhlau Landkreis district amongst others call for solidarity against the inhuman isolation and exclusion culture of the German Asylum Policies through frustrating instruments to ease their deportation abuses.

The case of a refugee Activist and Speaker of the Möhlau Refugee Initiative, Mr. Salomon Wantchoucou from Benin Republic- West Africa calls for urgent intervention, he had fled his country of origin after various failed assassination attempts against him by the tyrannic government, just because he expressed his right to speak against the corruption of the Regime which has hindered the development of his Country and deepened the sufferings of the people they were originally meant to serve.

In 2001, He lodged his Asylum application with the appropriate German asylum authority, giving all possible information about his true identity, his presence carried an objective proof to confirmed the last attempt on his life which he narrowly escaped with Bullet wounds that was attended to on his arrival here in Germany.

He Application for asylum was rejected as baseless with no effort by the Asylum Authority to verify the possibility of his claims. Just as the usual mutual colonial cooperation of the German State and African Puppet regimes. Even not withstanding bullet evidences that were extracted from his shoulder/Arm right here in Germany.

He was summoned to appear before the Benin Republic Consulate in Bonn, amongst so as to confirm his true identity as he felt that would help to put his position right unknowing to him that they were bent on getting documents to deport him. He had identified himself even with his Local dialect notwithstanding the risk he stood to face with this appearance in the face of the projector of the Regime he has fled from.

After that identification exercise, the authorities fortified their instrument of frustration through by giving him Voucher coupons called “Gutschein” to meet his basic needs rather than direct cash which was the usual routine in that isolation camp where he lives. He has ever since 2003 been confronted with selective injustice with claims that he did not cooperate with the Benin Republic Consulate to obtain documents to aid his deportation.

How could they accuse him of not cooperating with the obvious evidence of Bullet wounds attended to by the german Hospital, that he in obedience appeared at the consulate in Bonn even when it was very dangerous for him or that he was been summon to appear at the Nigerian embassy hearing in Halberstdat 2008, only to obtain travelling certificate as is the usual case of the Corrupt deportation collaboration of the Nigerian Embassy being an agency for deportation of Africans.

It is quite unfortunate of Germany, with its past experiences of torture and its stand against all forms of inhuman treatment that it swore to in the Universal declaration without upholding to the Practice.

Refugees have continued to face all forms of inhuman abuses that have led to many deaths, ruins, psychological and mental torture of fellow human beings through the installed racist policies of hatred on us as foreigners.

Below is a pictures of Mr. Salomon during his treatment from the bullet wounds in the Hospital in Zerbst here in Germany (that will be attached soon.)

On behalf of The Caravan for the rights of refugees and migrants.
The VOICE Refugee Forum