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Update: Felix Otto now handcuffed in isolation Cell detention

Today, the same day that Felix Otto was informed of his deporation and after the date for his deportation became public, Felix Otto is now being detained in a video-monitored single cell, chained on hands and feet. He is under permanent observation even when he is making phonecalls. The possibilities of making calls have been limited. His clothes were taken away from him. The official reason for this treatment is, that he is in danger of committing suicide. This diagnosis comes out of a sudden. Yesterday on phone he spoke about a surprising visit of a psychologist who said that he was going to see him regularly from now on. Our initial suspicion that they mainly wanted to calm him down by giving him the impression that they were taking care of him, couldn't unfortunately be verified.

The aim of this sudden psychological care was obviously to gain an official justification to take the little rest of his freedom to execute his deportation without any obstacles and to prevent any form of protest and resistance. This fits to the fact that the deportation on Tuesday, 25th to Cameroon will be done with a chartered deportation flight, which will garantuee the complete isolation from outside and the public.

Due to the wide public attention his case has risen, Felix Otto is obviously seen as specifically rebellious. It does not seem to be a coincidence that this maltreatment in the prison started immediately after a phone call with a friend who had informed him about the planned deportation.

To maintain that this special treatment has anything to do with the worry for his life is hypocrisy without example. Whoever is seriously worried about the life and the health of Felix Otto, should immediately stop to work on his deportatin and see to his immediate release!

Freedom for Felix Otto!

Stop deportation!

Abolish residential restriction law!

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