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We demand the immediate release of Kevin Ikechukwu from the Deportation Prison

Nigerian refugee activist in Hamburg Deportation Prison on Hungerstrike

Political refugee and member of the Voice Refugee Forum under acute deportation threat

We demand the immediate release of Kevin Ikechukwu from the Deportation Prison

Mr Ikechukwu escaped from a Nigerian prison more than twelve years ago.He came into the focus of the security services as an activist protesting against the annulment of the June 12, 1993 presidential election and the imprisonment of the democractically elected winner of the election Chief M.K.O Abiola. He was arrested and tortured in prison on two separate occasions. In1997 he escaped from prison and was able to get to Germany where he sought political asylum. He was transferred to Eisenach where he worked with the Voice Africa forum and the Caravan for the
Rights of Refugees and Migrants. At this time especially, the political refugees from Nigeria began an intensive public campaign against the criminal activities of the Nigerian Government, to support political Prisoners and the democratic forces in the country.

As is the practice in many cases, Ikechukwu's asylum application was rejected and his deportation was planned for 2002. The deportation at this time was postponed because of his deteriorating health. The rejection of his asylum application and the fear for his health and life in case of a forced deportation made Ikechukwu to go to Ireland. In 2003 his then german girlfriend travelled to Ireland and married him there and they both moved back to Germany to start a Family. Unfortunately there was a separation in 2005 and his residence permit was withdrawn. Mr Ikechukwu was entitled to a residence permit independent of his wife after two years of marriage and immediately after this time the home office in Hamburg started the move to deport him.

On the 25th of November 2009 there was a very disturbing embassy hearing/ interrogation in the refugee lager in Halberstadt, the purpose of which was to issue deportation documents. Mr Ikechukwu was arrested two days prior to the hearing and taken there. He has since been in the deportation prison in Hamburg.

Unfortunately we were able to get the information about his arrest and critical situation rather late
but were able to visit him on the 23rd December 2009 in the deportation prison.

His physical and psychological situation is very worrisome. Mr. Ikechukwu has a permanent and very troubling headache. This medical situation comes in varying degrees of high intensities over the course of many years for which he has been receiving very strong analgesics. Ikechukwu is also suffering from a dangerous high blood pressure and in general, his medical condition is very bad.

On the 21st of December 2009, Mr Ikechukwu started a Hunger strike to protest against the impending deportation. The deportation is to be effected anytime from now till the 4th of January 2010. He has made an appeal though against the deportation and his imprisonment.

We demand the immediate release of Mr Ikechukwu from the deportation prison

- Because of urgent medical reasons

- Due to the still existent and immediate danger to his life and person if deported to Nigeria (Mr Ikechukwu escaped from the prison in Nigeria).

- On humanitarian ground and to serve the course of justice. Mr Ikechukwu has been living in exile in Germany and Ireland for the past twelve years, and has been very actively engaged in the human right work. He is as well, very actively involved in the social and cultural life of his community.

Mr Ikechukwu needs urgent support to stop his impending deportation.

We call for your support and solidarity.


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