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Stop Esmail Mohammadis execution!

Dear Sirs and Madams,
dear friends,

Today we received word that the court has announced Esmail Mohammadis execution within the next five days.

We would like to ask you again to do anything you might in order to build up public pressure against the death sentence.

We believe that only the pressure of international public is able to convince the Government of Iran to withdraw the death sentence.

Given the urgence of the case we ask you to protest inmediately against the death sentence of Esmail Mohammadi by sending the protest to the Iranian Embassy in Berlin, or to the Iranian Embassy in your country.

Please protest directly at the.Iranian President:,
and Supreme Court:; (religious leader)

Contac for example the embassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Attached you will find a prepared protest letter, please sign and send it to:
Mr. Shamseddin-Khareghani, Podbielskiallee 65/67, 14195 Berlin,
Tel: 030/843530, Fax: 030/84353139,

We are in your disposal for further information.

Verein für politische Flüchtlinge
c/o UWZ
Scharnhorststraße 57
48151 Münster
Tel. 0251/521112
Fax: 0251/5389797
Email: vfpf at

Prepared protest letter:

Dear Sirs and Madams,

I am contacting you in great fear for the life of Mr. Esmail Mohammadi, born 24th 09. 1965 in Bukan. The Iranian Revolutionary Court announced the execution of the death sentence against Esmail Mohammadi within the next five days!!!
The sentence is based on his membership in the Komale Party and the reproach of having participated in the assasination of a member of the Iranian Secret Service. Regardeless of the usual physical torture, that especially political prisoners have to undergo, the accused vehemently denies his participation in the assasination while openly confessing his membership in the Komale Party.
During the past ten month Mr. Mohammadi was neither allowed to contact his lawyer, nor to be heart by a judge. By means of torture it was attamped to receive important information about the Komale Party. But given the fact that Mr. Mohammadi has not been an active member of the Party for a long time, the Iranian Secret Services were not able to get the information desired.
Mr. Mohammadi is merried and father of five children. Not only does a death sentence destroy a human life and a family, but also it is a violation of human dignity.
I am pleading to your compession to defend the life Mr. Esmail Mohammadi.

With best Regards.