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We demand the immediate release of Miss Basak Sahin Duman

European Confederation of Oppressed Immigrants - AvEG-Kon

3. Juni 2012

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Miss Basak Sahin Duman, resident in Germany, is being threatened with deportation to Turkey. There, a long term prison sentence is expecting her because of her political work as an oppositional. The reason for the arrest of Miss Basak Sahin Duman is the constructed accusation of terrorism made by the Turkish State as a means of criminalisation and for the suffocation of the political opposition.

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reports on various actions from Ankara, Berlin, Brüssel, Campagne pour la liberté de Basak Sahin Duman,
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On 29th of May 2012 Miss Basak Sahin Duman was taken to custody by the Croatian Police after her arrival to Zagreb. Miss Sahin Duman is a Turkish Citizen and lives with her German husband in Germany since 2006. The Croatian Government has arrested Miss Sahin Duman because of an international arrest warrant and wants to deport her to Turkey. The request to Interpol was applied by the Turkish Government. The arrest warrant is based on a judgment in 2010. The judgment accuses Miss Basak Sahin Duman of a membership in a terrorist organisation and propaganda on behalf of such one.

Milliyet newspaper of October 5, 2002, page 17

Before Miss Sahin Duman’s arrival to Germany, she was living in Turkey. She was the chairwoman of the SGDF (Federation of Socialist Youth Associations) and politically active in the Socialist Platform of the Oppressed. The Socialist Platform of the Oppressed (Ezilenlerin Sosyalist Platformu - ESP) was formed within the process of the general elections on 3rd of November 2002. It leads a political struggle with the aim of the illumination of all oppressed layers of the society, primarily the working class. It defends the rights of working men and women, is engaged for the equality and freedom of Kurdish people and organises protest actions against imperialist wars and attacks in the Middle East. It fights on the side of democratic movements which defends the freedom of press and expression every day. It engages itself against the isolation of the political prisoners and fights for the release of imprisoned members of the opposition.

Milliyet newspaper from October 4, 2002, page 16

Miss Sahin Duman had been already arrested on the 7th of December 2004 with many others during a public protest action against the new anti-terror laws and against the intensification of imprisonment conditions and was imprisoned for three months. Just short after her imprisonment, Miss Sahin Duman was threatened and confronted with violence. She was beaten on the way to prison and thereafter also in prison itself. The new Anti-terror laws, against which she fought, have the aim to criminalise and silence every political opposition. Just afterwards, a lawsuit was opened against the imprisoned people, ESP-Members, Journalists, artists and trade-union activists. In the lawsuit, dozens of people, that had been arrested in December 2004, were sentenced on the basis of alleged membership and propaganda for a terrorist organisation. The verdict was spoken only at the end of the process in 2010. The court sentenced Miss Sahin Duman to 6 years and three months of imprisonment on the basis of membership in a terrorist organisation. Additionally, she was sentenced to one year and three months on the basis of propaganda for a terrorist organisation. The last mentioned is already in lapse. In the verdict, the terrorism accusation was constructed in order to oppress and to halt the legitimate political oppositional work performed by the ESP, the Socialist Platform of the Oppressed against the Turkish State. The court attempted in its accusation to connect the ESP, the Socialist Platform of the Oppressed with an organisation which is banned in Turkey and thus to denigrate all active members within this as terrorists. The ESP is a legal organisation which has meanwhile built itself as a party and also participates in general elections and operates until today publicly in numerous cities of Turkey and Northern Kurdistan.

Milliyet newspaper from October 26, 2002, page 15

Miss Sahin Duman and all others confronted the accusation of terrorism in 2010. Currently there are over 10.000 people in the Turkish prisons. Among them, there are over 1000 children and young people, democratically elected Kurdish mayors and MPs, journalists, advocates, writers and oppositional intellectuals as well as numerous human rights activists and women activists. According to the statements issued by the international human rights organisations such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and even the Council of the European Union itself, Turkey is one of the most repressive regimes with thousands of political prisoners. They report that the prisoners are tortured and maltreated. The attacks of the Turkish State under the pretext of terrorism serve only to the intimidation and containment of a legitimate opposition for civil rights, general human rights and for an end of the war against the Kurdish people.

Miss Sahin Duman and all the other persons sentenced in 2010 filed an appeal at the European Court of Human Rights in November 2011 under the file number 71667/11.

We demand from the Croatian Government to immediately release Miss Basak Sahin Duman. She cannot be extradited to the country, in which the basic democratic rights are levered, and the opposition as well as democratic grass-roots movements are deliberately pursued and oppressed.

Furthermore we demand from the German Government, especially from the Foreign Office to set every lever immediately in motion for the release of Miss Sahin Duman and so that she can return to Germany to her family and friends.

We call on everyone to be engaged in the process to achieve the release of Miss Sahin Duman.

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