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Osman Tijani is again under threat of deportation!

Information & Protest Note: Osman Tijani deportation again
In February this year, we declared that: Osman Tijani life is in a great danger, we showed that Sudanese security force is planning to assassinate him, as a part of an organized massive genocide against Darfur people,especially those who are active activist, like Osman Tijani. Please see:
We did that as a response to deportation preparation, which had been done by German government in Sachsen Anhalt, Bitterfeld, to deport Osman to Sudan.

Days ago, Osman told us, auslanderbehorde in Bitterfeld, had informed him that: they will deport him to Sudan in 15. May 2013. Accordingly, we, as members in Sudanese Initiative for pursuit of Justice (SIPJ), want to mention the following:

Osman Tijani, is an active member in the Sudanese Initiative for Pursuit of Justice (SIPJ), so any harm or prejudice against him, we account it as if it is against all of us, to know more about (SIPJ) please see:

We will recognize Germany government, in its highest level, as a responsible side, just in case; the process of deportation is succeeded. Now, we have a great doubt that: Frau Sabiene Otto and Herr Tiefenbach from Auslanderbehorde Bitterfeld-wolfen, are expected spies work for Omar Hassan Albashir (president of Sudan) regime here in Germany, in
collaboration with other expected spies from Sudan. In this doubt, we can not exclude also the minister for interior of sachsen-anhalt Mr. Stahlknecht was rejecting the request of the green party for humanitarian protection for osman. We will investigate this, and we will declare our position against these persons and their network, in the appropriate time.

We call German authorities also to investigate the case, and publish the report, because it is not a coincidence that Frau Otto and Herr Tiefenbach are so insisted to deport Osman Tijani, using a network extend from German Judiciary system to the police authorities.

We, in Sudanese Initiative for pursuit of Justice, aware enough about the similarity between Albashir system and Otto & Tiefenbach system, as well as we are aware and confident in our capability to fight against both of them, in order to defend ourselves.

We declare it in very clear terms: we are in a position of self defense, we will use all possible ways (legally and politically) to protect ourselves and our rights.

On behalf of (SIPJ) members
Maissara Saeed
Hannover, 10 May 2013