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End to the ignorance - Solidarity with Lampedusa in Hamburg

Protest in and in front of the City Hall
Supporters of the group "Lampedusa in Hamburg" are demanding from the Hamburg Senate:
to end to the ignorance - a political solution is needed!

On July 18th at noon about 40 people went to the City Hall to express their reluctance about the attitude of the Hamburg Senate against the Libyan war refugees and to demand a conversation.

The group was denied to access the town hall by the police. They do not let themselves get rejected and built a photo and text exhibit and hung up a banner before the entrance to City Hall, which was on the refugees escape story (war in Libya, fleeing across the Mediterranean Sea, Lampedusa, Italy, Hamburg). A few who had entered the town hall, also unfolded a banner, distributed leaflets to tourists groups and explained the reason for the action. The call to speak with a representative of the Senate, was answered by the town hall staff stating that no one was present for the holiday season. Their call to leave the town hall, was countered with the request to forwarded a document to the Senate. After the agreement, the police arrived on the scene and took the identity of four people with a reference to display for trespassing.

After leaving the building forced the spontaneous rally continued outside the town hall for a short time followed by a demonstration through the shopping street towards the protest tent showing solidarity with the Libyan refugees "Lampedusa in Hamburg" and for recognition of their rights.

Thanks to all who participated in the protest.

The following text and photos were distributed during the action:

Stop the ignorance of the Hamburg Senate - a political solution is needed!

For months, numerous civil society organizations and many individuals with heart and mind afford humanitarian relief for the group of Libyan refugees "Lampedusa in Hamburg".

Since the group of about 300 fugitives - victims of the war in Libya and the European refugee policy - raised her voice in the Hamburg public and demanded the recognition of their rights, a very broad movement of solidarity has developed in the city. Grassroots groups, churches, mosques, trade unions and parts of the various political parties, artists, students, workers, university graduates, numerous known and unknown personalities of the city, people from St. Paul, St. George, Horn, Altona, Barmbek Billstedt, Wilhelmsburg - from almost all districts support "Lampedusa in Hamburg" in their trouble, and in the knowledge that a political solution is needed.

All those concerned have the same background. The Senate has the option of applying § 23 Residence Act, recognizing the rights of the “Lampedusa in Hamburg” group.

All of those who met the refugees have understood the injustice that is happening to them and want them to stay in Hamburg putting an end to the trauma of war, flight, expulsion and lawlessness.

"Who is responsible for the blood of these brothers and sisters? None! We all respond in saying: I am not responsible, I have nothing to do with that " Pope Francis said a few days ago when he visited the island of Lampedusa, setting a sign against the ruling" culture of apathy ".

In Hamburg, lots of people are taking that responsibility for months, but the Senate has only one answer for the refugees of "Lampedusa in Hamburg": deportation to Italy, back to where thousands languish on the streets and from where the Italian authorities sent them to Northern Europe.

The attitude of the Senate is irresponsible, inhumane and ignorant. It is unacceptable.

The Senate must take up the debate and listen to the arguments.

We call for a public hearing where the parties concerned explain their history and their situation with the involvement of parties concerned and the representatives of the African community in Hamburg, the churches, the mosques, the trade union, the grassroots groups in order to find a solution with the Senate in the sense of commitment to human rights and democracy for the group of the 300 Libyan war refugees "Lampedusa in Hamburg".

Solidarity Committee and supporters of the group "Lampedusa in Hamburg"

Hamburg 16th of July 2013

Contact: 0176 303 66 55 9

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