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After Lampedusa - Refugees on the streets in Roma

Mass murder in Lampedusa: Shame on EU! from The VOICE Refugee Forum Network on Vimeo.

While the mass murder of refugees and migrants continues on the south of Lampedusa and the italian government, with creepy cynicism gives the italian citizenship to the almost 300 bodies rescued from the sea on October 5th, Eritrean with sudanese refugees come out from the squatted houses and slums at the periphery of Rome and take the center of the city, to denounce the connections between Italy, Europe and the Eritrean regime and to make clear where are to find the responsibilities of the deaths in the sea, as well as of the conditions of marginality and oppression are forced to live in. They demand:

  • the abolishment of the italian racist migration law ( Bossi-Fini)
  • to open a humanitarian channel on the south border to let the migrants arrive legally to Europe.
  • the freedom of movement and the choice of settlement for the refugees all over Europe.

"Maybe you are not responsible for the situation you find yourself, but you will become it, if you don't do anything to change it". Martin Luther King

Claudio Feliziani

Rome, October 12th 2013

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