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Court Process against Rex Osa for participation in Nigerian Embassy action in Berlin

Wednesday, March 26, 2014 - 09:00 to 14:00

Court Process against Rex Osa

Charge : Tresspass/Home Invasion (Hausfriedensbruch) st the Nigerian Embassy in Berlin
Date : Wed. 26.03.14
Venue : Amtsgericht Tiergarten, Turmstraße 91, 10559 Berlin
Time : 10am

Obviously beyond reasonable doubt. Corruption collaboration has been legitimated in the name of Bilateral agreement, memorandum of understanding or development cooperation between the Nations involved. As against agreements that serves to benefit the fair interest of all parties involved, collaboration as it exist today presents a party excising dominance to compel the other party in stooge position as a continuation of colonial heritage.

One practical example of such unjust practices could could be traced to the deportation practices of the European State championed by Germany. With different agreements on deportation (in name of returning operations), the fortification and institiutionalisation of massive brutality expressly enforced by Agencies like Frontex, the Police, Alien Officers and various other NGO elements who in one way or the other complements deportation " be it the offering of benefit inform of rehabilitation/resettlement to instrument voluntary return and otherwise.

Country embassies are not left out in this practice as the German state lobbys Refugee country government to legitimate its culture of brutal exclusion and deportation at any cost. With the Nigerian embassy as practical and most popular collaborator in this corrupt practice of legitimating deportation of black african Refugees to Nigeria alongside the recent scandal of the German state use of dubious delegation from Guinea and also syndicate to issue deportation documents in facilitation of deportation.

Most shameful of such collaboration is the widely publicised agreement signed by the President Goodluck Jonathan Regime with frontex as one amongst the many secret cooperation agreements in legitimating the german state continuous culture of exploitation and destruction of refugees home countries.

Such agreement which has continuously legitimated the corrupt mobile identification exercise conducted by the Nigerian Embassy diplomat on a monthly basis at different German Cities. This forced identification exercises which are usually held in Police Stations, Airport premises and other security premises with massive police presence and control, are are aimed at obtaining deportation certificates to facilitate the brutal deportation practice of the German state.

As practical Victims of the imperialist system with our absolute belief in the spirit of freedom of movement for all, we are remaining challenged with no other option but to expose and scandalise every practice of exclusion legitimated by state structures as basis of struggle for liberation of all oppressed people and to parade the reality of a better world which requires our collective solidarity.

We have had enough of abuses and deprivation of our right of independence hence we struggle for a total liberation from Isolation and the fear for/of freedom. We say No to Zombie-like practices that compliments any form of Colonial injustices to persecutes and Criminalise.

We are committed to mobilise ourselves against every structure that robs us of our rights and hijack Judges of their rights to independent-fair decisions in court, that structure that compels the Police and state Officials to be ignorant of our motiv to sanitise the world and forces their unwillingness to justify the continuation of State injustice.

The struggle is not new and exist for ages , What is always new is the Barbaric continuation of dominance through brutality, militarisation, exclusion and Isolation to enforce massive exploitation, racism and discrimination against us.
We continue to uphold a justification of our Protest at the Nigerian Embassy on 15.10.12 in Berlin. More is yet to come as we are challenged to mobilise more of such actions as long as deportation and the Border Regime exist and not even the increasing percentage of the Right wing Politicians in government can stop it.

We are still faced with charges of Trespass even when the Court repeatedly confirms the action as peaceful and politically motivated. This simple act alone presents the Judge position of being held Hostage of dependence with State prosecutor playing the role of the Almighty devils advocate with the mandate to remould the Monstrous face in maintenance of the cultural status quo "Persecution for Resistance".
Its never knew to know that we have been added to your Blacklist for constitutional Criminals even right from the first day we had given up our fingerprint here in Germany.

Your criminalising us has moreover empowered our potential to expose the deeds of the State and challenged our commitment to force the existence of fair Justice in complement to our determination to addressing the problems of this brutal system.
We are facing court charges on trespass because we excised our right to peaceful protest at our Embassy "Nigerian Embassy", demanding a stop to the corrupt collaboration and deportation. This protest which has been on for many years now with several petition and protest at different levels.

In 2009, a delegation to the embassy came out with great feeling of disappointment as the Embassy Bosses could not offer any tangible reason in defence of their collaboration after more than 5hours.

In May 2012, we organised a three days action day event with a protest in front of the Nigerian Embassy and a march to the German Foreign ministry as partners in this crime. A group with the name „Concerned Nigerians from Kassel“ organised another protest in front of the Nigerian embassy in June 2012 to asking a stop to the the embassys corrupt collaboration as one of their demands.

Since all these years of protest and scandals on this corruption collaboration met absolute negligence of the Nigerian Government and its diplomats, some Nigerians and their friends took over the embassy on 15.10.12 and demanded the Embassy Boss statement on the issue at stake and defend its position of being used as seen as a clearing house for deportation of Black African Refugees. ( Video Documentation of non Nigerians who found themselves deported to Nigeria is in preogress and will soon be made public – this incidence could only be possible through the nigerian embassys corrupt issuance of deportation certificate)

This Nigerian Government culture of ignoring complaints of missmanagement and abuse has been endemic to the massive disrespect and abuse facing its citizens in diaspora. Much of all escalation protest that has occurred in different Nigerian embassy formations in the past years could have been averted if this arrogance and ignorance of the Government and its diplomats had been corrected.

Our endless and theater-like trials in court remains as strategy of potential empowerment against fear and the commitment to continue our civil disobedience to further expose how the unjust structure of the state (like the Judiciary) stands against us as the minority to justify Police brutality and criminalise us for resistance.

The Court Process is a Propaganda and total waste of time and energy".with the State Prosecutor routine parade of rephrasing charges makes the whole propaganda even more clearer. He would be left with no other option but to drop the charges in shame.

All components of our accusation from the corrupt collaboration, deportation abuse, illegal and brutal evacuation by the German Police within the Nigerian Territorial area, our detention for 9 hours at the Police station, Police witnesses in court, State Persecutors and Judges parade mean alot to our strategy of exposing the evil deeds of the States.

The illegal entry of the German Police into the Nigerian territorial area violates international norms of Consular agreements :- It was a clear confirmation of colonial dominance in this so-called civilised century. Such negligence will never exist in any German/European Embassy anywhere in this world.

Imagine a supposedly great country like Nigeria "paroled as giant of Africa", No comment was even heard from the Nigerian Government in this regard. This is really shameful for the President Goodluck Jonathan regime. It is a clear show of him being a weakling and unqualified for the 2014 presidential bid. Such opportunist leadership cannot lead nigeria forward.

The Nigerian government represented by its diplomat as Prosecuting party has arrogantly refused to honour the several invitation to appear in court in presentation of their charges against us. The court is nevertheless bent on pronouncing its stage-managed Judgement which shows a special Interest of the German State "Something seem to be fishing".

Our observation confirms that the German Police had instigated the embassy to institiute a charge against us as usual. That's what we always experience even at confessions in court process.

We are very optimistic that this whole process will straighten out a lot of wrongs between all parties involved.

We are watching out to see how the State Prosecutor will carry on with the charges as long as the Nigerian embassy diplomat arrogantly refuse to appear in court.
We are aware of the fact that the parties involved realised their mistake to have underestimated our determination to go this length to fighting back.
The Nigerian diplomats especially had failed to take us seriously as they threatened us in turns rather than coming into terms with our demand.

This situation is expected to correct subsequent act of posting unqualified diplomats who have no common idea to manage conflict on behalf of the Nigerian State.
That habit of Godfatherism that encourages total negligence of true statesmanship in rendering public services must be addressed.

Join us in Court to express your solidarity.

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