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Refugee Protest Camp in Hannover at Weißenkreuzplatz

Isolation, restriction of movement, restriction of having a Job, threatening of deportation,Administrations governmental harassment and racism, poor health care, ignorance,depression, slow death.

These titles summarize our lives here in Germany as human in need of protection.German government blocked our legal excess to our basic human rights through its administrative bodies, and it had full support from the administrative court in Niedersachsen, in presence of dangerous carelessness of politicians, We saw this as a part of German racist & discriminative policy against foreigners, and mismanagement of productive human resources in tomorrow Germany.

We are rejecting to accept the situation of refugees in Niedersachsen; we see all German administrative, legal and justice departments are responsible of this continuing suffering .Our demand is so clear and simple. We call for immediate abolishing of all asylum laws, because they reflect the face of racism of this country, we call for immediate protection of our basic human rights according to what had been declared in the universal declaration of human rights. Based on the German constitution (according to article 16-a of the We striking and protesting to save our lives, it is not a matter of something neither to negotiate nor to delay, and we are ready to pay the price, no matter: how much it costs.

Our right: right here and right now.

Weißenkreuzplatz, Hannover, May 24th, 12h