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Salah Abdellah was deported today in the morning

Hunger strike declaration from the Refugee protest camp in Hannover

Another dark morning for German history and another matter of injustice!
Maybe we can feel better that he was not killed in any part of this shameful process. But he is terrorized when he is ignored as a human being who tries to stay alife. When he was kept in prison and went on hunger strike, no one talked about him in the city of Hannover.
To show our Solidarity with Salah and all refugees in deportation prisons, we remain on hunger strike for 48 hours to empower our unity and support our other brothers who are still on hunger strike in the refugee protest camp in Hannover.
It is a clear message to all the people to pay attention about all the human injustice in their city.
We stay active in our protest after this time.
Touch one, Touch all!