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This is me, Miloud Lahmar Cherif, an Algerian refugee in Germany since 2009, I’m married, have a child and live currently in Meiningen. I’m also an activist for the rights of refugees and migrants with the Voice Refugee Forum since 2010. After a long fight against the German system of repression and injustice that every refugee is suffering in this country like Deportation threats, movement restriction (Residenzpflicht), Lager system and much more, I could finally get the chance to continue my study in the German University TU Ilmenau after completing the German language course and I’ve got for that a scholarship. After one year I decided to continue my study in Jena University, of course this is my natural right as a student to change the university or the field of study. Jena University FSU has granted me the permission to continue my study in it starting from October 2014.

As an Asylum seeker in Germany, I don’t have the right to change my residence from Meiningen to Jena automatically, I need the approval of the Ausländerbehörde (ABH) in Jena. Often this is used from the ABH to repress the refugee by either refuse his Application or making him waiting for ever for an answer.

I have submitted my application to Jena ABH on the 22.07.2014 and have NOT received an answer ever since. I’ve explained to them many times that Time is crucial for me but Jena Ausländerbehörde is avoiding making a decision or committing itself in order to gain time. Of course, this is very bad for me as I’m blocked from finding a flat and to focus on my study and family and this is what the ABH is aiming for… slowing me down.

I use this chance here to denounce this behavior and all other repression tools that it is made available by the so called Law-makers for the different German administrations and I call for the support and solidarity of every free man and woman in this country, my demands are fair as I’m only aiming to study and protect my family, what’s wrong with that?!

I invite the Jena Ausländerbehörde to accept sooner than later my demands and to approve my application and my rights to live in Jena. I promise every one reading my call that I’ll do whatever it takes to secure my rights in living with Dignity as a human being in Germany.
It is very likely that a series of actions will take place in Jena in case the Ausländerbehörde Jena refuses to agree to my fair demands. There will be no compromise from our part. Details of actions you will get as it is decided.

YOUR presence makes the difference! DON’T be left behind!
Keep your ears to the ground, can you hear us coming?!

Miloud Lahmar Cherif

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