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1-5 October in Jena - Invitation to: 20years.The VOICE Refugee Forum

1st - 5th October 2014 - Call and Leaflets: 20 years The VOICE Refugee Forum Anniversary in Jena in
Arabic, deutsch, English and français
The Refugee: Base on Our History of The VOICE Refugee Forum Network 1994 to 2014
Video: Democratic Insecurity! Second preparation meeting for 20th anniversary of Refugee resistance

Dear Activists, campaigners, brothers and Sisters or friends,

We call on everyone to organize themselves to support us in Jena for the preparation of our anniversary festivities. We are inviting activists to participate actively in the programs of The VOICE Refugee Forum anniversary in the October event. See the program and the call to the 20years of refugee resistance (in Deutsch, French and English). Let us know if you need leaflets and posters for mobilization in your areas.

The revolution is our workshop! Break the Culture of Deportation

We are organizing ourselves on the basis of our results: The Refugee Identity of Resistance

Our motto will be "Unite against Deportation and Social Exclusion in the Anniversary of 20years.The VOICE Refugee Forum". We are developing the concept of deportation as the last ring of slavery chain and in this contexts we are working on an encyclopedia of keywords on the roles and meanings of insecurity and oppression in the society.
These give a theoretical base for a better understanding of the problems, makes easier to analyze forgone protests, help to find the own position in this frame, facilitate discussions on base of common definition and can lead to new strategies in the struggle.
To reach a further development it is absolutely necessary that everyone who attends the conferences should prepare as group or individual for it along the documents published in (

There will be conferences, presentations and public discussions, demonstration, rallies, picnic and deterrent protest, info events and cultural events as theater, exhibition and music.

Our media acts follow the motto of „Reclaim your power!“

Our program and contents are being developed on pre-anniversary preparatory workshops and discussions in August and September 2014.

We look forward to meet you all in Jena as we plan to support information events and mobilization in your localities (see links below for materials) for participation in our events from the 1st of October - 5th October 2014.

We need your donation, our financial situation is still critical. See also the link
to our call:

Please confirm your participation and join to organize with us!

Osaren Igbinoba
Host activist, I am present.

The VOICE Refugee Forum Germany Jena

Here the updated leaflets:



Last Ring: Deportation is the last ring of slavery chain.
Nationwide Refugee Meeting in Jena, 6-7 Sept. 2014 in Jena

Make a donation 750 X 20€ for 20 year anniversary of The VOICE Refugee
Forum for financial autonomy – no applications

Please spread the leaflets and share the call online in your blogs, online media and social networks!

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